Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ross Perot

Sometimes when individuals set out to accomplish something worthwhile, they mistakenly create situations that have the opposite effect.  Throughout my adult life, I have worked for open, honest, and clean government.  I believed that the U.S. was really not much of a democracy because the U.S. has succeeded throughout our history in keeping third party candidates from participating in our Constitutional Republic most of the time.

Stop and think for a moment what Congress would be like if the Senate had 40 elected democrats, 40 elected republicans, and 20 third party candidates. I believe now, as I have all of my adult life, that third parties could and should have played a great role in our government.  With this in mind, allow me to discuss the Presidential election of 1992.

The year of 1992 was an unusual year because a third party candidate was ” Larry Kinged.” Being ” Larry Kinged” became a term that meant that a person received instant fame from an appearance on the Larry King show.  A multibillionaire with an East Texas twang in his voice became an almost overnight sensation.  The billionaire was named Ross Perot.  The 1992 Presidential election was a three way contest between: 1) Governor Bill Clinton as the democratic candidate, 2) President George H.W. Bush as the republican candidate, and 3) Ross Perot as the third party candidate who ran on the reform party ticket.

My wife and I always managed to take a small week long vacation each summer at this time in our marriage.  One summer my wife would select the destination and the next summer I would make the selection.  The summer of 1992 was my turn and I selected to visit Dallas, Texas with my wife.  Ross Perot held a great reform party convention for any and all who wished to attend.  At the time, I thought that Ross Perot was great and I really believed that he could be elected President. Unfortunately, Mr. Perot lacked the harshness to last the distance in a full term campaign.  Many said that Perot “did not have the stomach” for the vileness of a presidential campaign. He wavered in his campaign and disillusioned many of the voters.

However, Perot returned to the campaign and participated in several three way presidential debates.  After the election, Bill Clinton received 43% of the popular vote or 44.9 Million plus votes. President Bush, seeking a second term, received 37.5% of the popular vote or 39.1 Million plus votes.  Ross Perot received 18.9% of the popular vote or 19.7 Million votes.  Bill Clinton, with his running mate, Al Gore were elected.

At the time, I viewed both Clinton and Bush as establishment candidates.  Ross Perot was an early form of a ” Donald Trump type” candidate.  It is never possible to state that if one variable were changed, history would have been changed.  Many individuals thought that President Bush ( Bush 41 ) would have defeated Bill Clinton if Perot were not in the race.  It is impossible to know, but a rather strong argument could be made for a Bush victory if Perot were not a candidate.

At the time, 1992, I was glad that I voted for Perot and was glad that he was a candidate.  However, looking backwards in time from 2021, I believe that Bush (41) was the last really effective President  since Eisenhower in the 20th. Century.  Looking at the present, the election of Bill Clinton brought not only Bill Clinton to office but created presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Knowing what I now know, I would have voted for George H.W. Bush if I could regress in time.

The election of Bill Clinton set in motion the two presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton.  In 2008, Ms. Clinton was defeated by Barack Obama and the Daley Machine of Chicago. Then in 2016, Ms. Clinton was defeated again by Donald Trump.  The second defeat of Hillary Clinton for president resulted in the hate filled, vile, and reprehensible mass political movement with Ms. Clinton as the political mover and manipulator of the mass political movement which continues today and continues to evolve in ways that in my view are reprehensible and not compatible with our Constitutional Republic.

It is extremely difficult for me to believe that Joe Biden who seldom attracted a crowd could gain more popular votes than Donald Trump who held political rallies where thousands of people often camped out overnight in order to attend a Trump rally.  In the U.S. today, it is not how many people vote for a candidate, but apparently more often who counts the votes.

America has experienced exponential political  changes in the past five years. Political revolutions all have a driving leader. The French Revolution, the Puritan Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and differing religious revolutions have all had differing mass political leaders.  Hillary Clinton’s role as the leader of a mass political movement in the U.S. has had greater effects on the U.S. than if she had been elected President.  There is more to come and I can not comprehend the defunding of city, county, and state police organizations in order to promote a political cause.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I wrote and published a series of articles which I hoped explained the basic causes of mass political movements, and how mass political movements operate.  Those interested can easily locate these articles which remain posted on this website.  I remain very hopeful that the U.S. can continue without violence and a defacto Civil War. However, the increasing crime rates in the U.S. and the continuing violence remains a serious concern. )

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