William Barr, John Durham, and James W. Rodgers

Attorney General William Barr and his associate, John Durham, have an extremely difficult task before them.  Their actions may determine if the U.S. will continue as one country. I believe that FAILURE to bring guilty individuals before courts of law and obtain convictions when warranted would result in the de facto destruction of our great Republic.

In my view, I have never seen or even envisioned a situation where so many high level and former high level government officials have willingly entered into the extremely serious crime of treason against our Republic.  While many individuals have stated that there will be far more criminal indictments than the tragedy known as Watergate, the Watergate crimes did not involve the high crime of treason.  Many Watergate criminals were convicted of covering up criminal acts and perjury.  Watergate did not involve the high crime of treason against America and the American People.

Conviction of treason may result in the execution of individual(s) found guilty.  As an American, there are very few crimes where I believe that execution is not only indicated, but necessary. There are three: 1) Abduction with sexual abuse and/or torture that causes the death of the victim ; 2) Terrorism and crimes that involve death of Americans for pay; and 3)   Treason against the U.S., especially involving American officials who were given authority over other Americans.

In 36 states, the Federal Government, and the U.S. Military have death penalty statutes.  Five different methods of execution are prescribed. They are 1) Lethal injection, 2) Electrocution, 3) Lethal Gas, 4) Firing squad, and 5) Hanging.  On the state level, two states execute by firing squad.  In 1960, James W. Rodgers was executed by firing squad in Utah. In 2010, Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by firing squad for conviction of a 1984 murder.

What seriously troubles me as an American is the attitude of a number of individuals whose guilt is about 99.999% certain.  Several have acted as if the situation is a joke. It is not a joke. Also,  the behavior of some individuals who will surely be indicted seems frivolous. The question that Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham must ponder is not just the guilt of the criminals involved, but the perception that law abiding Americans perceive from the court sentences sought and those carried out.

The following is a quote from HBO’s Bill Maher: ” I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point, and by the way, I’m hoping for it because I think one way to get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please bring on the recession. ”  As an American, I find statements such as this to be sick and therefore must be made by mentally ill people. I grew up in America where Americans would never make statements like that. A sickness has descended over America and President Trump had to bear verbal abuse that no civilized nation should tolerate.

R. Van Conoley  ( I believe that all individuals convicted to die for treason should be executed by firing squad.

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Rosa Parks, Shelley Luther, and Marques de Sade

After World War II, Black Americans in the South were not treated fairly in many aspects.  I believe that almost 100% of Americans are glad that the U.S. went through challenging times to create a more just society.  Rosa Parks became famous when she refused to give up her seat on a bus.  Black citizens were expected to sit in the back of the bus and whites were often given preferential treatment.  Thankfully that harsh time has ended and our society is better for the changes.

Today a White lady named Shelley Luther stood her ground and refused to accept the local authority that kept her business closed.  Ms. Luther was sentenced to a week in jail and stated that she was only trying to earn a living so she could earn money for herself and her family. Interestingly the Judge in the case was a Black man often referred to as a political hack for the Democrat Party.  In the past the Judge had referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a traitor to his race.

There is a growing belief in the U.S. that the democrat party is attempting to use the Corona Virus outbreak to keep American businesses closed in order to damage the American economy and thereby harm President Trump’s chances of election on November 3, 2020.  The American People will have to be the judge and jury on election day on November 3, 2020.

As a law abiding American Citizen, I am shocked as each day passes and the hatred and the false news increases between the democrat and republican parties. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.  America as a whole seems ungovernable.  There exist vast differences between local governments in various states depending mainly on the political party in charge of the local governments.

I was  a young graduate student about 48 years ago when I went to see a play with the abbreviated title: ” Marat/Sade. ” The full title of the play was: ” The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade. ” The story takes place in July, 1808, just after The French Revolution when French society was in complete chaos.

The play was written by Peter Weiss in 1964.  It is in effect a play within a play and sexual content is implied and not vulgar and explicit.  I view the play as a great satire showing the psychotic activities of French society at the time.  I greatly enjoyed the play and had a curiosity about the French Revolution which started out as a form of human liberty and turned into a form of violence and horror.  The vile, reprehensible, and vulgar actions that are taking place in the U.S. today, in the name of political necessity,  should easily create a 21st. Century Marat/Sade.  However, I seriously doubt that a work as cleaver as Marat/Sade could be produced today since many of today’s university students remain vastly ignorant of science, mathematics, history, philosophy, literature, psychology, and culture.  Today’s students are well trained in political protests, political correctness, and political guilt that they mistakenly believe created our once great Republic.

R. Van Conoley

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5/4/1970 To 5/4/2020 : Kent State 50 Years Later

On May 1, 1970, students gathered at Kent State University to protest President Nixon’s expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia.  Later more violent and lawless students destroyed commercial property in downtown Kent.  Governor James Rhodes called in the National Guard after a request for assistance came from the town’s mayor.

Later more violent and lawless students set fire to the Army’s ROTC building.

On Monday, May 4, 1970, a group of guardsmen turned to the right and fired for 13 seconds at the students.  Some students were throwing rocks, bottles, and bricks at the guardsmen before the guardsmen fired.

Today, in 2020, some college students still believe that local, city, county, state, and federal law enforcement can not enforce any laws nor order students in any manner while students are on a college campus.  Violence on college campuses continues today.  Sadly the issue seems not to be of right and wrong, but the political causes involved.

R. Van Conoley ( Coming soon.  This website will post an article titled: ” The End Of The U.S.A. ”  C-SPAN, usually a fair and balanced media outlet, broadcast a documentary about Kent State.  Sadly the documentary was totally one sided. The total focus was on the tragic death of the four students killed.  Not one single law enforcement officer, not one single guardsman, nor one publically elected official was interviewed for the documentary. )

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U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General Barr and Sean Hannity

While many law abiding Americans may be pleased with the very modest progress made by U.S. Attorney John Durham and his boss, Attorney General Barr, the fact remains that there is a presidential election in six months.  Information and prosecutions that happen after November 3, 2020, may seem like a total whitewash and a cover up.

Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham must keep in mind that 95% of the basic facts now known were clearly speculated and believed by a large number of law abiding Americans for three years.   Additionally, the statement by AG Barr that he did not see any basis for federal prosecutions for treason is somewhat amazing.  Treason against a legally elected president by the use of the criminalization of the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA are the highest forms of treason against the U.S. and the American People.

I have never seen such a clear case with so much valid evidence against such a large group of former high level Americans.  Clearly the question in the minds of Americans is can an unelected group of corrupt Americans in high level positions easily violate U.S. Laws and avoid punishment ?

The embarrassing situation involves the very low level of intelligence of media reporters on the left and the right.  When I watch CNN and MSNBC, I expect to see and listen to hate filled and biased false news designed to damage the republican party, President Trump, and conservative Americans.  Yet, I find the dim witted Sean Hannity to present as much fake and misleading news from the right.  The dimwitted Hannity can turn a twenty second question into I three minute diatribe.  Additionally, Hannity has stated again and again that 99% of FBI agents are honest and hard working.  Where is his research to prove this fact which is clearly false ? Hannity seems to be a complete buffoon sitting in judgment of the FBI mainly because his father was a prison guard.  If Hannity had one scintilla of intelligence, he clearly would have concluded by in depth research that the top level of the FBI administration is now and has been rotten to the core. A very basic level of common sense would clearly indicate that many agents in the FBI were clearly aware of Comey’s criminality.  The FBI has clearly misused its power and authority and has done so increasingly every since Judge Webster left as Director of the FBI. It is long past time when Trump should have removed 100% of all FBI agents in the top level of the FBI and replaced them with law abiding individuals.

If Barr and Durham can not understand that the top administration of the FBI was criminalized by the Obama-Clinton Crime family and at the same time the Obama-Clinton Crime family was using John Brennan of the CIA to aid, abet, and assist in treason against a legally elected President, then there is no hope for our Republic.  One of Trump’s persecutors is widely known for sentencing known innocent individuals to jail to support a political cause.  I know that John Durham is 100% aware of this grave injustice because John Durham helped an innocent individual obtain legal information that was kept from him.  Both Durham and Barr are honest individuals and I had great faith that these honorable men would solve this nightmare of public corruption.  However, I believe that criminal indictments must be sought before June 30, 2020.  The American People have the absolute right to know vital information before the November 3, 2020, Presidential election.

R. Van Conoley   ( After observing some of the scum in the administration of the FBI, the old cross dresser, J. Edgar Hoover and his penis sucking partner, Clyde Tolson,  do not seem quite so bad.

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Coronavirus ( C-19) : EVERYTHING You Need To Know But Did Not Know Who To Ask

This article was inspired by two very different people.  John Milton, a great poet, stated: ” Doth God exact day labor …? ” Milton was asking if God still expected him to produce poetry after he was blind.  Milton decided the answer was yes.  I asked myself if I should continue to write articles for the website WWW.Sanityandsense ? My answer was yes even though arthritic pain keeps me from sitting too long in my computer chair.  Fortunately my vision is fine.

The second great individual who inspired this article was Isaac Asimov ( 1920-1992 ). Asimov was a great author and biochemist who published more than 400 books.  I read about 400 of Asimov’s books.  The really great thing about Asimov was that he could write about the natural sciences so that individuals did not have to be a Ph.D. to understand him.  Sadly in America, and throughout much of the world, science is either written for young children on one extreme or for Ph.D.’s on the other extreme.  Asimov bridged that gap by writing science books for high school grads and college grads who were not science majors.  I believe that I possess the skill that Asimov displayed by being able to speak to a middle level group.  How many newspaper articles did you read that explained the very basics of virology or exactly what the C-19 virus really is?

So, to start at the beginning, there is a Periodic Table of elements. Let us look at three elements. C is the symbol for Carbon. H is the symbol for Hydrogen. O is the symbol for Oxygen. All living organisms must contain C, H, and O. ( Possibly on other planets there is a different definition of life. ) C, H, and O form carbohydrates. There are many different carbohydrates and you probably consume some each day in your food. But one more element is necessary for life to exist on earth.  N is the chemical symbol for Nitrogen.  Nitrogen is the most abundant molecule in the air you and I breathe.  When you add Nitrogen to the C,H, and O, a new molecule can be formed that is essential for life. When C,H,O,and N are available, molecules can be formed called amino acids.  All LIFE ON EARTH MUST HAVE AMINO ACIDS TO BE CONSIDERED LIVING.  Since viruses are small living organisms which can replicate(reproduce), they must contain amino acids. The human body needs 20 different amino acids for life to continue and for growth to take place and for biochemical reactions to continue.

Here is a simple way to describe an amino acid.  Lets start with Carbon (C). Think of the Carbon atom as having four arms.  So a Carbon atom might be able to bond with four other chemical substances.  Here is exactly the definition of an amino acid.  One arm of the Carbon attaches to a Hydrogen atom. A second arm of the amino acid attaches to a Carboxyl group. The carboxyl group contains both Carbon and Oxygen.  The third arm of the Carbon atom attaches to an Amine group.  An Amine group contains Nitrogen (N) and Hydrogen (H). That leaves the fourth arm of the Carbon atom free to attach to some other group or atom.  What the fourth arm ( Chemically called a bond) attaches to determines what amino acid is formed.  Now you know basically what an amino acid is.  It is really not too difficult.

Not that you understand what an amino acid is, you are ready to understand a compound called a protein.  A protein is nothing more than a group of amino acids that have bonded together.  Your body makes small proteins, medium sized proteins, and large proteins.  It turns out that the amine group of one amino acid bonds with the Carboxyl group of the next amino acid.

It turns out that the COVID-19 virus is spherical in basic shape and the outside of the virus is a protein coat consisting of amino acids that are connected.  But I have left one thing out.  For an organism to be a living earth creature, it must have a Nucleic Acid. DNA is one type of Nucleic Acid and RNA is another type of Nucleic Acid.  SO ALL LIFE ON EARTH CONSISTS OF NUCLEOPROTEINS.

Many of the cells in your body have both DNA and RNA.  However, a virus can exist with only one nucleic acid contained inside a protein outer coat to protect the Nucleic Acid.  So, there are RNA viruses and DNA viruses.  In order to live, an organism must be able to replicate itself.  Viruses do this by using their outer protein coat to attach themselves to a cell somewhere in your body.  Once a “bad virus” is attached to a cell in your body, it breaks or damages the cell membrane of your cell and inserts it’s nucleic acid into the cell. That is bad news because the viral Nucleic Acid can then use the biochemical machinery of your cell to make many more “bad viruses.” The cell explodes or dies later and many “bad viruses” can then enter your system.

But the fight is not over.  Your body, either through God’s wisdom or through millions of years of evolution, knows how to fight back.  If you are strong and healthy, your body can make specific antibodies to fight a particular virus.  Indeed some individuals who were exposed to the C-19 virus produced so many antibodies so quickly that they did not even know that they had the C-19 virus.  Antibodies are protein molecules made by your body to fight “bad viruses.” Sometimes antibodies last in the human body for a very long time and provide lifetime protection.  That is good for you but bad news for the “bad viruses.”

The antibodies that your body makes to protect you are very specific.  If you contracted the flu last year, your body may resist the flu a year later by using the antibodies present from the past.  However, a virus can modify its’ structure. A virus can undergo an evolution before the next flu season. Therefore vaccines are usually less effective against viruses than bacteria and other micro-organisms.

R. Van Conoley


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Trump May Not Get My Vote In 2020 ! ( FINAL UPDATE )

I have endeavored to keep a fair, honest, all well balanced profile while writing for this website.  It is not designed to promote any religion, any political party, or any anti-American views.

However, I sometimes give my opinion while being very careful not to promote any special interests and remain careful to follow my basic belief in journalistic fairness.

I voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  What made that so exceptional a vote was due to the fact that many decades ago when I first registered, I registered as a democrat and remained a democrat for many years.  Also, I am really a ” third party guy ” who believes that neither the democrat nor the republican candidates for president in decades past have deserved my vote.  So Trump was the first major party candidate for president in  40 years to get my vote.

This essay will list my reasons why I want to vote for Trump in 2020.  This essay will list my reasons why I may not vote for Trump in 2020.

WHY I MAY VOTE FOR TRUMP IN 2020. I greatly admire Trump’s common sense in constructing a border wall that is a sturdy physical barrier between Mexico and the U.S. This wall has been needed for forty years.  Just as fences make for good neighbors, border walls make for good relations between countries.  A solid border wall will prevent most illegal immigration into the U.S. Also, a border wall will prevent terrorists and illegal products from entering the U.S. Trump’s border wall concept earns an A+ from my view.

I greatly admire Mr. Trump because he has stood strong against a very unfair and biased news media without damaging the Constitutional Right of a free press. Also, I admire Trump for clearly stating that all of the American news media is not unjust. It appears to me that about 70% of the media is unjust and loaded with false news.  Fake and false news does not just come from one viewpoint.  For example, I find that CNN and MSNBC are strongly biased against Trump. However, I no longer watch Sean Hannity because Hannity is strongly biased for Trump and, in my view, is just as unjust as CNN and MSNBC. I simply can not stand to hear Hannity’s political commercials for an hour and turn off FOX news when Hannity is on.  This irritates my wife and she goes to her room to listen to the Hannity propaganda.  Surprising to many, I believe.  Trump gets an A+ in his public statements regarding the American media.

I greatly admire Trump for his vast knowledge relating to U.S. trade.  Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama gave China just about everything that China wanted including many American jobs. Clinton, Bush, Jr., and Obama helped make China much richer at the expense of many American workers.  Trump deserves an A++ for his work in foreign trade negotiations.

Part 2. Why I may not vote for Trump in 2020. Let me borrow a phrase from the late President Nixon. ” Let me make this perfectly clear ” that hell would freeze over before I would vote for a democratic candidate for president in 2020. The present democrat party is thoroughly corrupt, in my view, and my choice in 2020 is to vote for Trump or vote for a third party candidate.  I ALWAYS retain the right to write in the name of someone if Trump has no realistic third party opposition.

Recently Mr. Trump stated that he accepted no responsibility for a situation.  I am extremely sympathetic toward President Trump who has been viciously sabotaged by political landmines left by the Obama-Clinton Crime Family.  However, when Trump finished the oath by swearing to uphold the Constitution ” so help me God, ” Donald Trump had to assume responsibility as President for everything under his control, even the political traps left by Obama-Clinton.

I am troubled by some of the Trump doublespeak.  Trump has been a straight talker on most issues. However, Trump has not been clear about U.S. participation in foreign wars where Americans are fighting and dying.  Trump often says that he opposed the war in Iraq, as I did. He often asks, : ” What are we gaining by participating in Middle Eastern Wars?” Sounds like Trump is opposed to American involvement, and then Trump sends more American forces to the Middle East.  I admire many things that you have accomplished Mr. President,  but I will not vote for you in 2020 unless you remove ALL AMERICAN GROUND FORCES from all regions of conflict by June 30, 2020. You are the President and you can accomplish this.

I am deeply troubled by some of your statements regarding the Federal Reserve System.  The Fed consists of seven Governors appointed by the President but who must be approved by the Senate. They serve a 14 year term unless they retire or die and one term ends every two years. Five of the 12 Fed Bank Presidents sits on the Open Market Committee ( FOMC ). The FOMC and the Fed alone are tasked with deciding policy on one key interest rate that sends a message to the U.S. and the world about interest rates.  You are entitled to your opinion about interest rates. However, I strongly dislike your attempting to unduly influence the Fed. The Fed is independent of the President. I respectfully differ with you Mr. President in regards to interest rates.  You “jawboned” the Fed into reducing interest rates.  Our 2 year T-bill rates are very low, too low in my view. However, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU IN 2020 IF INTEREST RATES IN THE U.S. GO NEGATIVE. As you clearly know, interest rates in some European countries are negative.  Negative interest rates are a clear demonstration that the economy of a country with negative interest rates is not properly regulating their money supply.

Lastly, Mr. President, I studied your first budget that you signed after becoming President. I do not believe that you placed enough thought into that budget. I support a strong military, but I do not support excessive spending on weapons systems that are unneeded and unnecessary and sometimes non workable.  You, Sir, have misled the public when you talk about an ammo shortage. Your defense budget was bloated because of too many expensive weapons systems.

I remain most respectful of you as my legally elected President.   I speculate that you will win or lose in 2020 by what percentage of independents vote for or against you.  I am an independent in heart and soul.  I most respectfully send you and your family my best wishes and I believe that this is a fair, balanced, and very truthful essay designed to provide you with information.

R. Van Conoley

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Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Selection ( 2020 EXCLUSIVE )

Jonathan Swift, assistant director of Sanityandsense.com, has recently obtained the secret plans of the highest level Democratic campaign committee.  Swift gained the password to the super secret 2020 campaign computer program that detailed all of the plans of the democrat party for the 2020 Presidential campaign.  Additionally, Jonathan Swift learned that Black racist Maxine Waters would be attending a top secret campaign meeting called by Barack Obama.

Jonathan Swift had his assistant deliver a necklace encrusted with diamonds to Representative Maxine Waters. The expensive necklace contained a transmitting device that would transmit all conversations from the secret democrat meeting that was called by Barack Obama and attended by Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder. To assist our readers, Mr. Swift has labeled each person with a two letter code so our reader’s can easily understand which person is speaking.  The code is as follows: 1) BO = Barack Obama, 2) AS = Al Sharpton, 3) MW = Maxine Waters, and 4) EH = Eric Holder.  All information below was written by Jonathan Swift.

As assistant director of this website, I have been hearing rumors of a high level democratic meeting to be held in early January, 2020.  I would like to remind our readers that meetings conducted by Barack Obama are subject to the highest levels of security and always only include Obama’s most trusted associates.  Obama learned his political skills while working for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.  Obama was part of the Daley political  machine and remained closely connected to the Daley Machine after the death of  Mayor Daley.  While working with Mayor Daley and the Daley Machine, Obama became an expert in money laundering, bribery, and political extortion.  The following are conversations from the high level meeting.

BO : Al, Maxine, and Eric, I am glad that you could join me today.

MW : I believe that I speak for all of us when I state that it is past time that we got rid of that White racist, Donald Trump.

AS : You be right Maxine.  That racist Honkey is backed by the Jews and is trying to destroy the black race and suppress black voters in November. Can you imagine requiring identification to vote ?

BO : We are not here today to cast invective, but we are gathered to develop a plan to lead the democrat party to victory on November 3, 2020.  My good friend, Mayor Daley taught me to look at each situation and then to figure out how to launder money and use bribery to create an ultimate victory for our cause.

AS : Dat be true Barack, but you got to admit that we have a bunch of real losers running for president in the democratic primary.

BO : This is true, but if we are not careful, Bernie Sanders could enter the convention with the most delegates and then claim that he should be the democratic nominee.

EH : Then we would lose for sure.  Going to Moscow on his honeymoon was not a very good idea.

BO : Here is how I believe that we should play the game.  We should arrange for all candidates to drop out of the race except for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.  Since we in effect control all of the candidates who will drop out, we can instruct each to endorse Joe Biden.  Then Joe Biden can gain the needed votes and Bernie will be out of the race.  Can we all agree ?

MW : That Honkey Biden don’t know where he is half the time.  He was a good bag man when he was your V.P., but now he don’t talk or think straight half of the time.  He can not remember basic facts.

EH : Yeah, boss, we could get the votes for Biden as our nominee, but he does not even know what day it is.

BO : That is OK because Biden is not going to make any decisions that are not approved by the vice president.

AS : And who gonna be the vice president then ?

BO : Glad that you asked the most important question Al.  Joe Biden is going to select Michelle Obama to be his Vice President.

MW : That is absolutely brilliant Barack. But are you sure that Michelle can handle Mr. Biden? How do you know that Biden will do as he is told ?

BO : Michelle will be Vice President, but Michelle will be advised by a committee.  I have decided to call the secret committee the Committee of 21.  These 21 individuals will set policy with Michelle and Joe will then do what Michelle instructs him to do. The Committee of 21 will consist of: 1) Barack Obama, 2) Bill Clinton, 3) Hillary Clinton, 4) Leon Panetta, 5) Tim Geithner, 6) Eric Holder, 7) Loretta Lynch, 8) Penny Pritzker, 9) Julian Castro, 10) Rhan Emanuel, 11) Samantha Power, 12) Susan Rice, 13) Maxine Waters, 14) Alcee Hastings, 15) Al Sharpton, 16) Andrew McCabe, 17) John Brennan, 18) Nancy Pelosi, 19) Hunter Biden, 20) Nicolas Maduro, and 21) George Soros.  Trust me, Joe Biden helped me steal hundreds of billions and he never tried to steal any extra nor did he ask for more.

MW : This is an absolutely wonderful plan.  Now it is time for me to start a hearing in the U.S. House that impeaches Vice President Mike Pence !

BO : On what possible grounds Maxine ?

MW : It does not make any difference.  We can always make something up that will make Pence look very bad.  After all, we are the democrat party and we know how to destroy the reputation of any innocent person.  Just look at what we did to Kavanaugh !





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” Quid Pro Quo Joe ” Speaks

Good evening my fellow Americans.  I am sad to announce that I come to you today with empty pockets.  Yes, empty pockets !  My drug snorting son, Hunter Biden, embezzled the last billion dollars from my campaign treasury and absconded to Las Vegas with three nymphomanic chicks with huge knockers.  He plans to celebrate my campaign victory this Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Hunter was never very bright and the election is not this Tuesday but next Tuesday.  So I am asking you to help me raise another billion dollars because I need the money for last minute political bribes.  Also, I have an army of the best campaign crooks who need a little extra cash to insure that the legions of homeless street people will vote for Biden at least five times each on election day to insure a victory for our cause !

The good news is that I have a super PAC that can accept unlimited donations since it is not legally connected to my campaign.  So here is the deal of a lifetime.  If you send a contribution to my super PAC for $ 500,000.00 or more, you can become a special friend of ” Quid Pro Quo Joe. ” Yes friends, when you become a special friend of Joe Biden, you can make millions of dollars in return after my election.

I will help each of my new special friends connect with a different corrupt political scam that will make you super rich.  I used to tell my good friend Barack Obama, who by the way is a clean Negro, ” Trust me Barack, I know how to bring in the graff. ”

Also, in the past, I told my friend Cornpop: ” Give me a large campaign contribution under the table and you will not end up like your six brothers in jail.  Just join Quid Pro Quo Joe and I can help you become rich. ” Unfortunately Cornpop did not listen to me and he is doing 10 to 15 years in prison.

So, do yourself a favor and get these contributions into my super PAC within 24 hours and you can become my new special friend and possibly manage a billion dollar hedge fund to some corrupt country somewhere in the world.  Support Joe Biden and we can both become rich with taxpayer money.

( Editor’s Note:  The associate editor of this website, Jonathan Swift, obtained an advanced copy of the above campaign commercial from Donna Brazile and CNN.  CNN is laundering illegal contributions for Joe Biden through the Ukrainian National Bank.  CNN has modeled their money laundering using the Clinton Foundation as their model. )

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Dr. Michael Broom and My Wife, MaryAnn

My wife, MaryAnn, was a teacher in a middle school in Orlando in March, 2006. While at work, she slipped and landed heavily upon her backside.  Although I always told my wife to file a report of any work related injury, she did not file anything.  It turned out that her fall caused her to damage a spinal disc which later ruptured or herniated.

Spinal injuries, in my view, are a serious matter.  She was prescribed medication for the pain, but not every surgeon will operate on a spinal injury. She went to one M.D. and I accompanied her.  The M.D.  was  unacceptable to MaryAnn, and I believe that she was correct in not wishing to use his services.  A few years later, MaryAnn consulted a different surgeon because he had such ” a great reputation. ” He stated that she was not a candidate for surgery.

During the time my wife continued to experience pain,  I was reading and studying books that were published mainly for MD’s in hopes that I could better understand her condition.  I located the name of Dr. Michael Broom whose office is at 1450 S. Orange Ave; Suite 200; Orlando, Florida 32806.  His office number is 407-481-2244.

I suggested that my wife consult with Dr. Broom and ask if he could help her.  I went with my wife to Broom’s office and I sat quietly while Dr. Broom spoke.  Before going to Broom’s office, I clearly told my wife that any surgical decisions were for her to decide. I was there to help, but any decision was her decision.

Broom entered the exam room and displayed an X-ray of MaryAnn’s spine.  It was easy to see from the X-ray that a disc was damaged and the disc was clearly out of line.  Broom stated that he could help.  I asked my wife not to make a decision if the doctor said that he could perform surgery.  We had agreed to go home and talk about it.  My wife came to the decision that she would like to have surgery. On November, 2013, MaryAnn was operated on at Orlando Regional Medical Center.  After the surgery, Broom came over to the waiting room and said that the operation was successful and everything was fine.  I was thankful and hopeful that my wife would have a better and less painful life.

A few months after her surgery, my wife who was never pain free, stated that she was having more pain. I said that possibly it was just from healing.  It turned out that during her operation, MaryAnn contracted an infection and it was growing in her spine.  After demanding to know all information, I was told that the bacteria was Staphyloccus epidermidis.

My wife was re-operated upon on May, 2015, to remove rods that were placed in her back from the first operation and to help remove some of the problems created by the first operation.  But that was not the end of the problem.  MaryAnn needed infusions of Vancomycin that I administered for about six weeks to kill the staph infection. I followed the directions of an infectious disease physician.

After her second operation by Broom, my wife has more pain than she had before the first operation. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with Dr. Broom. I consulted several attorneys to see if my wife had any legal actions against Broom. It turns out that the basic law states that infections are a risk that a patient must assume from surgery.  While I understand the law, I do not believe that the law is just.

One of the things that I found interesting was that Broom never stated that he was sorry that my wife got an infection as a result of his surgery. He even lacked the decency to talk directly to my wife and only spoke to me once after the second surgery.  His PA even implied that this bacteria could have ” burrowed ” into the spine after the surgery.  This of course is just nonsense and when I verbally challenged his statement, he backed away from the statement.

Today I suffer from arthritis and the related pain.  That is my physical suffering.  Yet everyday I suffer psychologically for my wife who continues to suffer pain. Much of her pain seems to be caused by the additional scar tissue from the second surgery.

While I am not a vindictive person, I wonder if Broom ever thinks about my wife or any other patient that he operated upon.  It seems to me that every doctor who performs surgery should have a website, required by law, and any patient can publish a notarized document about the results of their surgery.  In my view, I do not believe that Broom should be allowed to practice medicine any longer.

Also, I remember one news article about a patient who was operated upon at Orlando Regional Medical Center ( ORMC ) who had two legs amputated because she contracted MRSA.  The legal actions resulted in a non disclosure agreement when compensation was paid to the patient and her caregivers.  In my view, there is no amount of money that can compensate a patient for something like this. A million is not enough in my view, nor is a billion nor a trillion.  But the greatest injustice is that negligent doctors seldom have their license to practice removed and the proceedings are kept from public knowledge.

I plan to spend time during the remainder of my life in creating a more just medical profession.  Unfortunately federal officials are making health care less patient friendly and more helpful to incompetent doctors.

R. Van Conoley



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An Analysis of MSNBC, CNN, and Fox

This website was not designed to support any political party, any religion, nor any race. This website was designed to truthfully inform individuals in a rhadamanthine manner about various areas of knowledge and information.  Also, the author has gone to great lengths to separate his opinion from factual information.

I watch MSNBC, CNN, and FOX. These three media corporations present a lot of political information and a surprisingly large amount of disinformation.  My main question is as follows.  Are Don Lemon of CNN, Sean Hannity of FOX, and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC more qualified than the average man or woman in America to present and analyze political information ? My answer is NO.  But it is important to understand that none of the mentioned media outlets are highly motivated to present accurate information and new ideas.  These corporations are concerned with ratings and high ratings means more money for their respective advertisements.

If Don Lemon were replaced by a talking dog and CNN’s ratings increased, that would be the end of Don Lemon.  If Sean Hannity were replaced by a dancing turkey and FOX’s ratings increased, that would be the end of Sean Hannity.  If Rachel Maddow were replaced by a singing cockroach and MSNBC’s ratings increased, that would be the end of Rachel Maddow.

Now surely the men and women who read my website have clearly figured out that MSNBC and CNN strongly attempt to appeal to the liberal and left wing individuals to support their ratings. FOX appeals to moderates and conservatives.  However, two of the three corporations transmit a large amount of false information and what I view as hate speech.  As a law abiding American, I sincerely believe in free speech. However there are limits to the dissemination of false information and hate speech.  I will leave it up to my readers to determine the media that is best for them.  But remember, propaganda does not fool anyone, it only helps people to fool themselves.

Therefore, without malice, I hope that I have made a point without bashing any of these three corporations.  Additionally, I would like to suggest that each of these three profit making corporations increase their viewers by allowing some average Americans to appear on their programs.  Possibly there could be a 20 minute segment titled: 1) America Speaks, or 2) The People Speak.  It might work like this: Eight people are on a panel of people.  Two of the eight would be Clinton supporting Democrats from the 2016 election.  Two others would be Trump supporting Republicans from the 2016 election.  The remaining four would be independent voters from the 2016 election.  The moderator would ask fair questions like since you voted for Trump or Clinton in 2016, would you do so again? As a democrat, what do you like best about Trump. As a republican what do like best about Hillary Clinton? Do you feel that you are financially better of now than you were in 2016 ? Allow each person a fair amount of time and each corporation might be surprised by the amount of unbiased information that could be presented.  ” Stacking the deck” by selecting a surplus of liberal or conservative individuals would be readily understood by the viewers.

I would like to give some well deserved praise to Tucker Carlson since he presents new ideas and allows multiple views to be presented.  Both the left and the right should attempt to present new ideas to expand the knowledge base of the American People.

R. Van Conoley

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