The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 7

Two Los Angeles County Deputies were shot from ambush on September 12, 2020.  They remain hospitalized in serious condition.  The video released shows an individual who appears to be walking by the patrol car and then he fires a hand gun into the car numerous times. The video is horrific to watch.  But even more vile and reprehensible to me as an American are comments made by individuals who show approval for this viscous crime.

I have seen three videos of an individual killing a defenseless person. This is not the first murderous act by the 2020 terrorists.  All of the terrorism is taking place in regions controlled by the Democrat Party. The idea of defunding the police is an idea that is not acceptable to White Citizens, Black Citizens, Hispanic Citizens, and all other groups of American Citizens.  Yet the democrat party has employed this vile and reprehensible form of violence in order to support their agenda. I grew up respecting the police and I considered the police to be my friends.

Clearly the U.S. is in a state of anarchy and the time is long past when President Trump should have acted. The violence will not end with the election on November 3, 2020. Sadly the violence will continue to increase in the cities and the regions where the democrat party has failed to support the police and prosecutors fail to jail individuals arrested by the police. History has shown that even the strongest and most powerful empires do not endure forever.  The best that could happen is if the U.S. divides into separate and independent countries in what is now the U.S. However, that is unlikely to happen. Several weeks before the election, the terrorist network will set America ablaze and many polling areas will be unavailable and destroyed.  A contested election is what the democrat party seeks and that will be the ultimate terror for a once great and rich nation.

R. Van Conoley  ( Regardless of circumstances, the American People can be certain of one thing.  Our Citizens can be certain that the November 3, 2020 election will not be a fair election where votes are fairly and justly counted. Without a fair election, our Republic can not continue to exist. )

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The 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 6

Regardless of the importance of the role of a leader in a mass political movement, social and political conditions must be available to make the movement possible.

Hillary Clinton had over twenty years to study and analyze individuals to support her Presidential movement in 2016.  Ms. Clinton had the ability to Procrusteanize the lower level democrats into a modestly effective support group.  Donald Trump had no effective political organization to support his Presidential campaign after he had secured the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump had the innate skills needed to move upward in a very crowded field of Republican contenders.  Using his own exceptional intelligence, combined with an iron will, Trump gained the needed votes to secure the Republican nomination.  Then Trump did something remarkable.  Trump connected directly with the citizens of the U.S. and won the election.

Trump’s 2016 election victory was remarkable in every way.  However, Trump was not aware that his mass political movement was deficient in one important area.  For a mass political movement to prosper, the leader must have the absolute devotion of a loyal group of able lieutenants.  Trump did not have a group of able and loyal lieutenants ! Nor did he understand the need for them.

Hence, Trump allowed individuals whose loyalty was to Hillary Clinton and the democrat party to remain in his administration for far too long.  Had Trump been wise, hundreds of anti-Trump individuals would have been removed on day one of his administration !

While Trump has terminated some of the worst like James Comey, he still has a lot of snakes in his woodshed. If Trump had a scintilla of common sense, he would immediately terminate FBI Director Christopher Wray, which is the President’s legal right, and replace him with Trey Gowdy.

Many individuals believe that Mr. Wray is doing his best to be part of the ” cover up crew ” in the wake of recent Congressional testimony.

R. Van Conoley ( I do not dislike Sean Hannity. Also, I agree with many of his political positions. However, Sean is not the brightest bulb on the bush. Hannity stated over again and again, while wearing his FBI medallion, that he was sure that 99.9% of FBI agents were honest and hard working individuals. I wonder where Hannity obtained this information?  Was it from his mother who was a prison guard or while he was washing dishes?  The Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime syndicate succeeded in criminalizing a number of top level  FBI agents along with other top level agents in the U.S. Justice Department. )

( Editor’s Note: Mitt Romney is one of the dumbest individuals ever to be elected to the U.S. Senate.  Utah is a great state with many great people. However, I am appalled that Mitt Romney was elected to the Senate from Utah. I hope Romney will resign his position in the U.S. Senate, or at least change his party to independent like Bernie Sanders. )

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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 5

This website has endeavored to help Americans better understand what a mass political movement requires and how such movements operate.  This is the fifth article in the series.

As explained in previous articles, all mass political movements require blind obedience.  When Joseph Stalin forced scientists, writers, and artists to crawl on their bellies and deny their individual works of art or science or of literature, he was not just indulging a sadistic impulse, but was ritualizing the supreme value of blind obedience.

Individuals whose lives are barren and insecure show a much greater willingness to obey than self-sufficient and self confident people.  The frustrated and the misfits follow a leader mainly because he/she is leading them away from their unwanted selves.

The 2020 Democrat party is not leading Americans to a better world and a greater nation.  The Democrat party of 2020 is leading the misfits and the frustrated away from Donald Trump in spite of many worthwhile accomplishments achieved by the Trump administration.  Conversely, the Trump administration is leading Americans to a ” better world” where America can become greater for all Americans.  Sadly, many in the news media do not display fairness and balance in the presentation and analysis of the news.  With Chief Prosecutor Durham leading an investigation, it will be interesting if Mr. Durham discovers that certain members of the media knew in advance of the news presentation that the news presented was totally false.  If this proves to be the case, as it appears to be, members of the news media could and probably will be indicted as abetting and aiding criminal actions.  Just as Freedom of Speech does not give an individual the right to shout fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire present, Freedom of the Press does not give the press freedom to knowingly publish false information in order to promote a political agenda.  I have absolute confidence in John Durham to follow the Constitution and resolve many of the issues that are false and that have severely damaged America.

There is a great difference between a mass political terrorist leader and a leader in a free and open society.  In a basically free society, the leader can retain his/her hold on the people only when HE/SHE has blind faith in the wisdom and the goodness of the People.  This was indeed the reason for the political failure of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Ms. Clinton became contemptuous of the People and believed and displayed the belief that all men are fools ( or smelly Wal-Mart people). This led to Ms. Clinton’s defeat in 2016. Conversely, Donald Trump asked the People to join him and ” Make America Great Again.”

While Hillary Clinton is the chief leader of the 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement, the Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate will soon break down and cease the promotion of a political victory, and focus on avoiding criminal convictions for high Treason and numerous other crimes. Bill Clinton, the great abuser of women, will probably be free from criminal prosecution for his crimes while he was President, but there appears to be overwhelming evidence that Mr. Clinton committed numerous crimes after he left office.  His sexual exploits with underage girls, is immoral not only by legal standards, but is a universal prohibition in every society in the world. It was indeed interesting to see and hear ” Pedophile Bill ” lecturing Americans at the Democrat Convention.

R. Van Conoley  ( Just a number of hours before the publication of this article, John Durham questioned, under oath, Obama’s CIA Director.  Since there are never any leaks from the Durham investigation, it remains unknown at this time what questions were asked and what questions were answered. However, this website believes that the above interaction will have profound affects on the U.S. )

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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 4

The world has changed greatly in the last few days.  U.S. Attorney John Durham was ready to file criminal charges against Kevin Clinesmith.  John Durham was appointed by the Attorney General, William Barr, as a special prosecutor. Clinesmith was an employee of the FBI.  He also was acting as a lawyer for the FBI when he changed a government document.  Clinesmith is alleged to have changed an e-mail that was used as part of the investigation into the charge of Russian interference.  Clinesmith has agreed to plead guilty to this charge according to his attorney.

Quite obviously the evidence against Clinesmith must have been overwhelming. While Clinesmith was not a very important individual in the FBI, his actions did allow a vast number of criminal acts to be committed.  Prosecutor Durham had the ability to seek a reduced sentence for Clinesmith if Clinesmith would testify, under oath, in a court of law about what he knew.  This will allow Prosecutor Durham to seek indictments against other individuals who committed crimes against Donald Trump, the Constitution, and the People of the U.S.  It has been alleged that Director James Comey knew that many criminal acts were being committed.

In addition to James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan is alleged to have been criminally involved in multiple crimes against Donald Trump, the Constitution, and the American People. As an American, I am saddened to learn that apparently very high level individuals committed numerous crimes in order to harm Donald Trump and promote the political agenda of Hillary Clinton.

The Special Counsel Investigation of Donald Trump known as Russia Gate, was led by former FBI Director Mueller.  While Mueller and his associates could not find any evidence that Russia tried to help one side more than the other ( Clinton versus Trump), members of the U.S. House indicted Donald Trump by impeaching him without a scintilla of evidence. Attorney Andrew Weissmann was the de facto leader of the investigation known as Russia Gate.  It has been alleged in the media that Andrew Weissmann had acted improperly and criminally as an attorney.  Houston attorney, Kevin Fulton, in November 2019, filed a motion in a Texas federal Court to unseal and unredact court records related to alleged misconduct by Andrew Weissmann.  Probably, John Durham will get to the truth surrounding all criminal allegations.

Since I am indeed over the age of 39, nobody seems to believe me when they ask my age. I was so disgusted with the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement that I thought about voting for a third party candidate for President instead of Trump.  I am only about 2% interested in who becomes President in 2020. However, I have three granddaughters and I am 98% interested in who is elected President for their sake.   I probably will not be around in twenty years, but my granddaughters will be. Therefore, with the evidence that Mr. Durham and A.G. Barr will present, I plan to vote for President Trump because he is about as honest as any President can be. Jimmy Carter was probably the only President in the past 50 years who was more honest than Mr. Trump.  But America needs a President and not a Saint, so I am glad that we probably will never have another Jimmy Carter.

Even though I will probably vote for Mr. Trump, this website will continue to present clear, fair, and truthful information to the American People.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Mr. Andrew Weissmann recently stated that individuals should not talk to or answer questions asked by Prosecutor Durham.  That sounds like obstruction of justice to me. It also sounds like a man who is worried that he could be indicted and tried before a Court of Law. Indeed it sounds like the warnings from a guilty person who is in effect saying” Don’t tell on me and I will not tell on you.” )

( Editor’s Note 2 – If Weissmann is indicted, I believe that I would like to fly to wherever the trial is held and take at least one of my granddaughters with me. It would be a good lesson for a granddaughter to learn especially if she is interested in becoming a lawyer ! )

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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 3

Many law abiding middle class Americans continue to watch in horror as more and more violence, looting, and rioting continue in certain regions of the U.S.  These honest and hard working Americans are at a loss to understand what is happening and why it is happening.

Most of the violent protestors on the streets are the misfits of society. They seek a salvation, not from a corrupt society, but from themselves.  These misfits usually find it by losing themselves in a collective mass political movement.  Sadly the citizens have failed to ask and understand fully why such an increasing number of younger Americans fall into the category of misfits and psychologically disturbed individuals.  The answer is obvious.  The public educational system in the U.S. is a product of the far left and socialist ideology.  Young children, who are any ethnicity other than Black, are taught that they are racists and that racism is there fault. They are taught to feel guilty for their racism. The U.S. educational system has become a psychotic branch of the Democrat Party.

The NEA’s slogan should be ( NEA = National Educational Association ) : ” So Johnny can not read. Who cares? That is no problem as long as he votes for the Democrat Party when he becomes an adult. ”  The issue of Charter Schools has become a liberal versus conservative issue for a number of years.  The present educational system in the U.S. spends more money per student than any other country in the world.  While there are indeed some qualified teachers and some qualified administrators in the present public school system, there are an overwhelming number of totally incompetent individuals who are so totally devoid of intelligence, common sense, and intellect in the present system that they would be totally unemployable anywhere else than an incompetent school system.

Parents should have the right to decide what type of public school their children attend.  The very rich can easily afford to send their children to quality private schools.  However, many working citizens can not afford this luxury and already a surprisingly large sum of money has already been extracted from them by taxation. But far, far worse is the low income public schools in some inner cities in the U.S. Many qualified teachers refuse to teach in these low quality public schools.  A surprisingly large proportion of teachers at these inner city schools are on drugs and medications and of course many utilize alcohol.

Our public educational system does not have to be this way. Many low income inner city public schools where learning is a failure have a Charter School in the same region where excellent test scores are produced.  Low income Black Americans are the main victims of these failing public schools and the parents know this. A Charter School is independent of the public school system in the region. The NEA, and the psychotics who support the present school system, understand that it comes down to money.  An example will help. If a Charter School is built in a region, the parents then have a choice of sending their children to the public school or the Charter school.  Suppose that each educational unit of tax payer money is $100.00. No Charter school means that the public schools in the region receive $100.00/ per unit of funding. Now suppose that a charter school is opened and 40% of the parents freely elect to send their children to the charter school. Then, 40% of the tax dollars would go to the Charter school and the public school’s funding would be 60%.

The Democrat party promises the public schools that they will always oppose Charter schools. The public schools support the Democrat candidates and the Democrat party.  The public schools, Kindergarten through graduate school, continue the socialist and Communist ideology !

Unlike Hitler, Stalin, and Cromwell who used nefarious political skills to create their own exacting mass political movements, Hillary Clinton used the long established structure of dirty political tricks to promote her psychotic movement against Donald Trump. Ms. Clinton had already criminalized the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI, and even the CIA. Now Attorney General Barr and John Durham are legally tasked with the difficult job of investigating the treasonous activities of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime Syndicate.

Cromwell’s death brought an end to the Puritan Revolution and the death of Robespierre brought an end to the French Revolution.  Only criminal indictments will bring a partial end to the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement. The American People have a serious need to know the role played by the treasonous Democrats that was initiated and controlled by Hillary Clinton.  Justice cries out for a total and complete understanding of the events instituted by the Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate.

America survived Watergate and America could survive this treasonous conspiracy if Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham can inform the American Public at least five weeks before the November 3, 2020 Presidential election.  Holding the election without the Attorney General’s indictments and other documents would ask the American People to decide the Presidential election without very relevant and important facts. Citizens should have no doubt whatsoever in their minds that if Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham can not meet the necessary time frame, the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement will continue for four more years with many U.S. cities burning and much more violence in the Democrat Party controlled cities in America.

R. Van Conoley


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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 2

Donald Trump’s words have weight.  When he was a candidate in 2016, he was a private American Citizen.  His cleaver use of the English language helped to elect him to the highest office of President.  Yet, Trump who is a man of extremely high intelligence in some areas failed to understand that it was morally necessary for him to modify his verbal messages after his election.

Indeed, a vast majority of the American People find Trump’s “straight talk” to be a welcome change.  The double dealing, double talking, duplicitous individuals who comprise much of Congress are extremely offensive to a majority of the American People.

Today, as President, Mr. Trump must guard his public statements since he is the Chief Executive of the United States.  As a fellow human, I fully understand the frustration that Trump must feel from the treasonous conspiracy illegally launched at him before and even after his election.

However, the long ” American nightmare ” is soon to end.  Attorney General Bill Barr has acted with integrity and Barr’s chief prosecutor, John Durham, will soon act in behalf of the American People.  As a law abiding American Citizen, I fully understand that every individual indicted in the totally false and treasonous conspiracy against Donald Trump must be entitled to a fair and unbiased trial.  Hopefully those guilty will be adjudicated guilty and those innocent will be adjudicated as not guilty after a trial where both sides will be allowed to present their evidence.  The amount of evidence that many criminal acts were committed by many different high ranking individuals within the government is absolutely overwhelming.  It appears to be a case that Mr. Durham absolutely can not lose.

Yet, reporters will continue to shout questions at President Trump while the case is in progress.  Trump must make this statement or a very similar statement: ” While I have very deep feelings about the indictments and trials now taking place, I must totally refrain from making any statements. All of the individuals who have been indicted are entitled to a fair trial.  Therefore, I shall refrain from making any public statements in this matter. ”

If Trump made a public statement that stated that an indicted individual was guilty, he could allow the defense to use his statement to show bias and allow a very guilty person to walk free ! I commend Attorney General Barr for his public statement that he discouraged President Trump from making any statements about the indictments or the trial.  Bill Barr has clearly shown that he will use his authority in a fair and just manner and will not permit even the President to interfere with the judicial process.

Recently Attorney General Barr was called before a committee in the U.S. House. The democrats on that committee did everything to intimidate the Attorney General. The democrats were rude, vile, disrespectful, and failed to show the Attorney General the civilized behavior that civilized people should display.  Yet, A.G. Barr answered every question as best as he could even though the democrat committee members frequently cut him off before he could finish answering questions. ” Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength ” is an aphorism that applied to every single democrat on that committee.  The democrat criminals who violated so many laws hoped that the vile and reprehensible behavior toward the Attorney General would frighten and intimidate him.  Mr. Barr avoided bringing himself down to the level of the democrat scum on that committee by acting with honor and dignity.

Since A.G. Barr could not say it, I will. Every democrat member on that committee was a piece of human scum without a scintilla of decency and were devoid of any redeeming value as Americans and elected members of congress.

Those convicted of criminal acts will have many years in jail to contemplate their treasonous actions against the American People and our Republic.

R. Van Conoley ( In basic fairness to the American Public, I believe that it is incumbent for Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham to release any and as much information as possible as soon as possible. It amazes me that almost all elected democrats would join in a de facto conspiracy to damage President Trump and destroy themselves by aiding and assisting in a clearly known series of criminal actions. )




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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 1

While it may appear to some that the 2020 Mass Terrorist Movement in the U.S. was a spontaneous event, it was not.  The movement had its beginnings just before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.  The Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate had an inchoate and somewhat arcane structure in place to promote the Machiavellian interests of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign.  The Hillary Clinton political machine of 2015-2016 did not form to attack Donald Trump.  The Hillary Clinton political machine was designed to destroy anyone who opposed Hillary Clinton in any way.  As Donald Trump gained power and political recognition, he became the sole focus of the Clinton machine.

Many Americans have, at best, a moderate understanding of history.  Even fewer Americans have an understanding of mass movements. This website was created with the purpose of informing American Citizens about important events transpiring in our Republic that were not being reasonably reported by an unbiased media.  The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Crusades, and the Nazi movement are just a few examples of mass political movements that have transpired in world history.

All mass movements, be they religious, political, or nationalist have a number of common characteristics.  All mass movements must generate in their supporters a proclivity for united action and even a readiness to die for their cause !  All mass movements must breed fanaticism, enthusiasm, fervent hope, and fervent hatred for any and all who oppose them. All mass movements demand absolute faith and absolute allegiance.

While each mass movement is different in doctrine, ALL DRAW THEIR SUPPORTERS FROM THE SAME TYPE OF INDIVIDUALS and all movements must appeal to the same mind set.  Having stated this information, it must also be remembered that all mass movements are not equally beneficial or equally harmful to society. The Clinton-Obama-Biden sponsored mass movement of 2020 is a movement designed to destroy much of society without any morally redeeming values.  As opposed to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, which helped create a more just society in America, the 2020 movement is only a terrorist movement of destruction employing Donald Trump as the Devil who must be destroyed.

The superior individual, whether in science, literature, politics, or business plays a large role in the shaping of a nation and any mass movement.  Unfortunately, so do individuals at the other extreme – the failures, the misfits, the outcasts, the criminals, and the human scum who are unwelcome in the ranks of any civilized society.

Hence, history is made by the best and the very worst elements of society over the heads of the middle class. The reason that the inferior elements exert a marked influence on society is because they are wholly without reverence toward the present. They view their lives and the present as spoiled beyond repair and they are ready to wreck and destroy both.

The psychopaths and the human scum that comprise the 2020 Terrorists are protected, aided, and encouraged by the increasingly psychotic Democrat party.  The call by locally elected democrat politicians is clearly designed to encourage the terrorists to commit more violence and rioting and even murder.

As stated before, any mass movement consists of the worst and some of the best that society has to offer.  The best in 2020 consists only of some members of the super rich who fund this terrorist movement. Please read carefully below.

The remark that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels has a less derogatory meaning.  Mass movements attract individuals who have a guilty conscience.  It seems that mass movements are made to fit the needs of the criminal and those with a guilty conscience.

I believe that Schwartz Gyorgy, born August 12, 1930, suffers from a guilty conscience.  You probably know of him by his other name, George Soros.  Soros today has $ 8.3 BILLION of his own money and controls another $ 32 BILLION that he “donated” to the Open Society Foundation.  In 1993, Soros told “60 MINUTES” that he ” had no sense of guilt” about helping Nazis rob fellow Jews. In 1940, Soros was a ten year old Jewish boy in Hungary disguised as a Christian.  He posed as a prominent Hungarian Godson of a Nazi in order to assist the Nazis in their searches to steal valuables from Jews.  Soros detailed his scheme in a 1993 PBS interview in which he admits to taking ” possession of large Jewish estates. ”

While Soros has stated that he had no regrets for his actions, I believe that Soros suffers from a guilty conscience.  Soros has channeled large sums of money from his ” Open Society Foundation ” to individuals who are directly and indirectly associated with the 2020 Terrorists.

Hillary Clinton is the de facto leader of the 2020 Terrorist movement.  Clinton was in a position to modify her ” dirty tricks operations ” into a mass movement directed at Donald Trump. Unfortunately Clinton was a former high ranking government official who recruited and criminalized other high ranking U.S. Government officials to commit high treason against the legally elected Donald Trump. Americans can be absolutely certain that Ms. Clinton will continue in this role unless Attorney General Barr’s associate, Mr. Durham, indicts quickly many former high ranking individuals for serious crimes.

R. Van Conoley


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Blocking Truth By The Media and Big Tech ( Bernell Trammell )

I just published an article on my website titled: ” Bernell Trammell Will Live Forever In History.”  As usual, I print a copy of my articles. I noticed that after sending the instructions to my printer, the title of the article was removed.  It simply did not appear. I tried again with the same result.

Additionally, when I attempted to search the web for information about Mr. Trammell, most sites were blocked by ” Print overs” of ads that made reading about the events impossible.  It took me 40 minutes to find one “unblocked” article.  Americans need to understand that our Republic is in danger from terrorists, but is in even greater danger by the “false news Media.”  The false news media is rapidly becoming the blocked news media on the Web.

You will hear what the special interest groups want you to hear.  The media terrorists are more of a threat to free people than the violent terrorists in our streets. I wonder if my article will even appear on the Web???

R. Van Conoley



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Bernell Trammell Will Live Forever In History

If there is one single event in the history of 2020 that will destroy the obscene myth that the rioting in the year of 2020 was motivated by a need for racial justice, it was the horrific murder of Bernell Trammel.  Mr. Trammell was a Black man who wanted justice for the death of George Floyd and at the same time was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

Mr. Trammell, 59, operated a small business in Milwaukee where he created signs and publications.  Neighbors reported to local police that Mr. Trammell was sitting in a lawn chair outside of his business on July 23, 2020, when he was murdered in broad daylight.

The sadistic and terrorist movement that has swept across the U.S. has been strongly supported by many in the news media by referring to armed terrorists as peaceful protestors.  A majority of the mainstream media in the United States have not even covered the death of Bernell Trammel because he was a Black man supporting Donald Trump and displayed signs that encouraged Mr. Trump’s reelection.  The “news” reports that the ” police were looking for a suspect in the shooting” and stated that there is not a known motive for the shooting.

How many sane and sensible Americans can believe that there was no known motive for the shooting.  Mr. Trammell stated that he was concerned that his life was in danger and was afraid that he might be killed for his political views.

With the 2020 terrorists tearing down statues in public places, I believe that congress should fund a large statue of Bernell Trammell and place it on the White House lawn to remain there forever to remind Americans that this man gave his life for free speech and the U.S. Constitution.  The failure of local police, under the supervision of locally elected Democrat officials, have effectively encouraged terrorists to commit criminal actions by allowing arrested criminals to be released the same day without bail.

The 2020 Terrorists have also attempted to murder and destroy the popular television host, Tucker Carlson.  Tucker Carlson has displayed the courage to cover all aspects of the 2020 Terrorism and presently the New York Times is planning, it is reported, to divulge Mr. Carlson’s home address and other personal information.  Mr. Carlson’s home was attacked by terrorists in recent years.

While does not encourage any form of violence, sane and sensible people must wonder when law abiding citizens who support the U.S. Constitution are going to confront the terrorists with weapons for their protection.  Law abiding citizens have recently seen law abiding citizens arrested, and their guns confiscated, for the sane act of defending their lives and the lives of their families.

Trump has the power to declare Martial Law and end this violence, yet he has so far only posed with a Bible in front of a Church in Washington D.C. It is extremely clear to all sane and sensible Americans, if the Federal Government does not move quickly to restore civil law in the U.S., the Democrat party and their terrorist associates will steal the 2020 election by mailing counterfeit  ballots to millions of Americans and the terrorists, funded by the Democrat Party, will direct their Fascist terrorists to burn down the voting centers where Republican voters have a large majority.  The threat is real. The threat is clear. Yet the Federal Government has not even been able to arrest and convict the Terrorists that committed Treason against President Trump that began clearly in 2016, and continued to create more crimes using false documents bought and paid for by the Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime syndicate. What good is any Federal Government that works against the freedom and liberty of the American People ?

R. Van Conoley

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Truthful Information About the Coronavirus or Covid-19

There is a lot of talk and discussion about the Coronavirus.  Unfortunately much of it is misleading or just plain false.  This article attempts to give you factual information so you can better understand the situation.  This virus has even taken on a political shade of unsupported facts. The left wing liberal democrat party presently promotes the position that everyone is probably going to die if they do not wear masks when outside and lock themselves away when not outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  The Republican Party has a much more open view and states that masque wearing should be optional, but encouraged.  The political concern is due to the fact that the democrat party does not want President Trump to hold rallies where thousands of his supporters chant U.S.A. This issue will end, I hope, on November 3, 2020, when America votes for the office of President and other elected offices.

This website published an article which attempted to explain to non scientists what an amino acid is and how amino acids bond to form proteins.  The article also attempted to explain the basic structure of a virus.  It was the first article published on this website where the main comment was: ” You did not explain enough ! ” OK, here is another try with more information. ( Type Covid-19 into search box; click go and the article will appear.)

People keep hearing the word Hydroxychloroquinine.  It certainly sounds impressive.  How did the scientists ever think of this.  In fact, the scientists deserve very little credit.  There is a compound ( molecule ) called Quinine.  The chemical formula is:               C20 H24 N2 O2 . Quinine was isolated from the bark of the Cinchona tree in Peru. Jesuit missionaries learned of this from the natives in the region and sent the bark to be used around the world to treat malaria.  Since big Pharma could not patent a natural substance like Quinine, they modified the molecule and named it Hydroxychloroquinine.  Now big Pharma could sell this drug and it was effective in the treatments of malaria, Rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus (LE).

It turns out that Hydroxychloroquinine was also helpful in treating the Covid-19 virus in people.  The FDA moved quickly, much too quickly, to state that the compound was not effective in treating Covid-19 viruses.  It turns out that a patented drug remains under patent only so long. Then any pharmaceutical company can make it and the price drops a great deal.   Pure greed, does not allow an inexpensive drug to cure anything when an expensive drug can be sold to the public.  So scientists went to work, and behold, the FDA was wrong and indeed the Quinine derivative did indeed work and save lives and help people with Covid-19.

Another topic is a vaccine. Everyone was hoping that a vaccine could be developed to prevent Covid-19.  I am surprised that so many MD’s bought into this scenario. Just think, a cure all that will wipe the evil Covid-19 virus off the face of the earth.  People must keep in mind that modern medicine has no cure or effective treatment for: Alzheimer’s disease, 2) ALS, 3) Parkinson’s Disease-although there is a semi-effective treatment in the early stages, and 4) Tuberculosis.  On the positive side, the Bubonic Plague of 1346 to 1353 that wiped out a huge portion of Western Europe, and the rest of the world, can now be treated by streptomycin and/or ciprofloxacin. ( Editor’s note: A few Americans each year get bitten by fleas that usually ride on ground squirrels. When the individual has the Plague, a dose of antibiotics can result in a 100% cure rate and modern medicine can detect this bacterium known as Yersinia pestis in the ill patient. )

So why can’t the scientists make a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus ? Viral infections are much harder to “cure” than bacterial infections.  Your body makes antibodies that are sometimes called immunoglobins to fight both bacteria and viruses.  Viruses are better at hiding in the human body than most bacteria.

Now the news reports that Covid-19 is taking over the world and killing everyone when the left reports and the right reports that the death rate from Covid-19 is decreasing.  Whom should you believe.  When a person is tested for Covid-19, and that person has no fever and feels great, he/she can still test positive.  Doctors call that asymptomatic. Asymptomatic individuals are rapidly increasing BECAUSE MORE PEOPLE ARE BEING TESTED. Asymptomatic positives have some degree of immunity against Covid-19. Scientists and MD’s do not know how long the antibodies produced will remain active against Covid-19 nor do they know how much immunity is present.

As far as a vaccine, I hope that one can be developed.  When I was a child, I used to hear adults say: ” When are they going to find a cure for the common cold? ” That was 60 years ago and they have been searching for a cure for the common cold for more than 100 years. so far they have never developed one.  Also, the flu shot that people are encouraged to get is by no means 100% effective against preventing the flu.  Nor is it 90% effective, nor 80% effective, not 70% effective at prevention.  Sadly there is not a cure for all known diseases. Yet the asymptomatic positives may be the first step in greatly reducing the Covid-19.

Some vaccines are extremely effective, some are moderately effective, and others are so ineffective, I wonder why the FDA cleared them for public consumption.

My opinion, stay well and take a safe dose of Vitamin C each day. Vitamin C is safe and as Linus Pauling explained, need daily in the human diet. Hey, I just wondered if people who catch the Covid-19 virus have a high or LOW level of serum  Ascorbate. That would be a great study to correlate the serum Ascorbate ( Vitamin C level in your blood ) level with ability to develop the symptomatic acquisition of Covid-19. But it will never happen. Big pharma does not want the public to know how vitamins and other nutrients prevent disease.

R. Van Conoley ( Although they were not here with me, I must thank Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Isaac Asimov for teaching me so much through their great books. )




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