The U.S. Needs More Recent Historical Statues – Part 1

I listened closely to the Americans who claim that Civil War statues of Southern Generals perpetuates white supremacy.  After very careful consideration, I have concluded that what America needs is more modern statues depicting more recent historical events of the 20th. and 21st. Centuries.

Many of the young people demonstrating in recent events probably are not educated in the many interesting historical events of the William ” Bill ” Clinton Presidency.  Often TV stations show a tape of an angry Bill Clinton saying: ” I did not have sex with that woman.”  President Clinton, of course, was referring to a young intern named Monica Lewinsky.  Indeed Bill Clinton did have sex with Monica Lewinsky and it was proven because Bill Clinton ejaculated on Ms. Lewinsky’s dress.  Therefore, I am humbled to propose a statue with both Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky on a scale that is three times life size.  The Clinton-Lewinsky statue should display President Clinton with an erection and the Monica Lewinsky statue should be kneeling before the Bill Clinton statue.

A stream of water should continuously squirt from Mr. Clinton’s erect penis onto Ms. Lewinsky’s dress.  This would be a wonderful reminder of our 42nd. President and all that he stands for.  I suggest that this historical statue be located near the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas on federal land.

I suggest that a second Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky statue be located near the Harry Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri.  This Clinton-Lewinsky statue would show Bill Clinton inserting a cigar into the vagina of Ms. Lewinsky.  This would represent another historical event of the Bill Clinton Presidency.  Also, this statue should be located on federal land in a fenced in park.  The U.S. can rent space for three cigar salesman who wish to sell the Clinton-Lewinsky cigar brand as souvenirs to interested tourists.

Finally, I suggest a third statue depicting Candidate Donald Trump before the Second Presidential Debate of 2016.  On October 9, 2016, Donald Trump sat at a table with four women: 1) Paula Jones, 2) Kathy Shelton, 3) Juanita Broaddrick, and 4) Kathleen Willey.  Three of these women claimed that Bill Clinton either sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them.  Kathy Shelton was allegedly raped at age 12 by Thomas Alfred Taylor.  Hillary Clinton defended Mr. Taylor at trial as his attorney.

This statue should accurately depict the five individuals seated at this table during the press conference.  This event changed the viewpoint of many Americans about Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton was not just an older man who had sex with an intern, but he was depicted as a serial sexual abuser of women.  Ms. Broaddrick described Clinton’s attack upon her with a great amount of violence and physical abuse.  Additionally this news event clearly demonstrated that Hillary Clinton did aid and abet her husband in his sexual abuse of women.  This event was, in the view of many, the single most important event in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

I suggest that this statue with all five individuals be placed upon the White House Lawn just behind the fence that surrounds the White House.  Hopefully it will remind many Americans of the lack of integrity, courage, and decency of some of our presidents.  Also, it should remind those who know and understand history of the integrity, courage, and decency of some of our other presidents.  Hopefully, it will remind Americans that the U.S. news media disseminates both truthful and false news !

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I wish to thank both Jean-Baptiste Poquelin and Jonathan Swift for their support and assistance. )

( Editor’s Note: Bill Clinton was one of only two U.S. Presidents impeached.  Andrew Johnson was the other U.S. President who was impeached. Andrew Johnson served as President from 1865 to 1869 and became president when President Lincoln was assassinated. )

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The Violent Left and The Violent Right : Enemies of The U.S. Constitution

Just as Joseph Goebbels spread Nazi propaganda to support Adolph Hitler from 1933 to 1945, the liberal terrorist media in the U.S. is spreading anti-Trump propaganda to destroy a legally elected president.  The Nazi propagandists and the liberal terrorist news media in the U.S. have a great deal in common.  Certainly not all members of the U.S. news media are part of the liberal terrorist group, but the U.S. news media has moved far to the left and too many of the members have little regard for the truth and fair play.

Free speech means that ideas that some or many people find offensive are protected by our Constitution.  I learned this as a child many decades ago when a group of American Nazis obtained a permit to hold a rally.  Even as a child, I understood why law enforcement protected Nazi speakers from members of our society who would do them harm and incite violence.  I find the Nazi philosophy extraordinarily repugnant since members of my family died while fighting Nazi Germany.  Free speech also means that members of the far left and the Communist Party are also free to speak publically and law enforcement will protect them from right wing violence.  I also find the Communist and extreme leftist philosophy to be extraordinarily repugnant.

Today American Law Enforcement does not seem to understand that both the extreme left and the extreme right are entitled to free speech and protection from violence when protestors gather legally.  It seems irrefutable that the highest levels of individuals in the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS have become politicized and many have sold their integrity to corrupt politicians.  Members of congress and past presidents have become so corrupt that they have corrupted the agencies that are in place to protect the American People !

Sadly, there is no “fair and balanced” news media in the U.S. Far worse is the fact that liberal reporting is not fairly balanced by conservative reporting.  A vast majority of the U.S. News media have become criminally entwined with the far left movement in the U.S. Is it any wonder that the horrible violence at Charlottesville happened because local law enforcement failed to respond correctly ? Is it any wonder that the Charlottesville violence happened in a state where there is a Democratic Governor ? Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, also happened to be a great supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2017.  Is it any wonder that Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate, Senator Tim Kane, is also from Virginia ? Is it just a coincidence that law enforcement in Charlottesville failed to prevent the Charlottesville violence and almost seemed to encourage violence ? It is also a strange fact that an Assistant Director of the FBI had a wife who was a democrat party candidate and she (wife) accepted massive amounts of money for her campaign from the democrat party.  It sure sounds strange to me.  But in 2017, the U.S. has no rules for politicians.

Charlottesville was unfortunate and so totally unnecessary.  It could have easily been prevented if our country had the integrity to follow our own Laws and our Constitution.  But then, the democrat crooks and the republican crooks would have had to think of something constructive to help the American People and that seems impossible.

The greatest danger to our Republic is not from foreign terrorists, but from the alliance between the violent criminal left and the left wing news media who totally lack basic morals and journalistic ethics.

R. Van Conoley

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Donald Trump Scores An A+ With The Truth

Until 2016, I had not voted for a main party candidate in a presidential election since 1972.  I never miss voting, and for 44 years, I had voted for third party candidates for president since 1972 !  I absolutely despise the democrat crooks and the republican crooks that make up the corrupt U.S. Congress.

I heard President Trump’s news conference and I am extremely proud that I voted for Donald Trump for President in 2016.  The president was absolutely correct when he stated that there were “political thugs” on both sides.  He is absolutely 100% correct and I strongly look forward to contributing to the campaigns of any congressional candidate who will support Donald Trump.

The sick, pathological, lying, biased, and fake news media pounded Mr. Trump for telling the truth.  Mr. Trump stated that he disliked and disavowed White racists and Black racists.  What a perfect statement for the American People. With the exception of the Communist News Media, any sane and sensible individual could clearly see that violence came from both sides at Charlottesville. The fake and false Communist media wanted to Procrusteanize President Trump into condemning only one side in this terrible event.  The fake and false news media is so long accustomed to their periphrastic and polemical pettifoggery that they could not comprehend that the left has violent individuals and terrorists that should be condemned. Indeed, in my opinion, the false reporting by the leftist and fake media has aided and abetted a great amount of violence by left wing radicals and the American People are damn tired of it !

As a law abiding and honest American Citizen, I consider the fake and false news media in the U.S. to be my enemy and the enemy of the U.S. Constitution.  America is in great need of an honest and fair news media that can report the news fairly.  I find the fake and false news media to be a greater threat to our Republic than foreign terrorists.  It is time U.S. Citizens demanded honest news reporting.

R. Van Conoley

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Anderson Cooper: The Perverted Anti-Semite

I heard Anderson Cooper state on TV on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, that President Trump and the media have not heard much from the President’s Jewish Daughter nor much from her Jewish Husband.

How dare you go on TV and say something like that.  You perverted anti-Semite, I have seriously been thinking about punching your perverted anti-Semitic face in.  You are a piece of human garbage Mr. Cooper and even the false news network, CNN, should not allow your hate filled anti-Semitism on the public airways.

R. Van Conoley

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Kim Jong-un : A Gambling Man ??

There are two clocks that I check frequently on the Internet.  One is the National Debt Clock of the U.S. which shows in real time how the U.S. National Debt is growing.  Readers can observe the numbers changing right before their eyes.  Indeed it is compelling visual evidence what the U.S. Congressional Crooks are doing to the American People.

The other real time clock that I frequently observe is the World Population Clock.  The world population clock is a visual record in real time of how many humans exist on our planet and how the world population is growing.  The world population clock factors in how many people are being born each second and how many people are dying each second.

While our planet has people dying daily from war, disease, and famine, the birth rate has continuously exceeded the death rate since the end of World War II.  17 million people were killed in World War I.  80 Million people were killed in World War II.

In 1950, just five years after the end of World War II, the total world population was 2,557,628,654.  Today the world population is 7,524,317,564.  That is a huge increase in the number of people living on our planet since the end of World War II.

Thomas Malthus ( 2/13/1766 to 12/29/1834 ) was an economist.  Malthus stated that the world’s population would be kept low because of: 1) War, 2) Disease, and 3) Famine (starvation ). Indeed the world’s population hardly increased in the 1200’s to the 1700’s. Malthus was right, dead right, if you will pardon the pun.  In the past century, the world has made great strides in reducing diseases and increasing our food supply.

While the world has had continuous wars since the 1950’s, we have not had any dramatic reductions in population like World War II.  Thanks to that psychotic leader of North Korea, things may be about to change.  Suppose that the U.S. has to strike North Korea forcefully and 20 million people are killed.  Those 20 million on a global population scale represent only 0.26% of the world population.  Hence, 99.74% of the world’s population will survive.  Now suppose that a strike on North Korea kills 100 million people since all of Kim’s weapons are not destroyed and he manages to shoot off a few nuclear weapons.  One hundred million dead represents only 1.32% of the world’s population and 98.68% survive.

Now ask yourself this question: Why would a sane man point a hand gun at a police officer and shout: ” I am going to kill you.” Wouldn’t you agree that the law enforcement officer has the right to kill the individual to protect his own life ? Most sane individuals would agree.  This begs the question: Is Kim Jong-un sane ? If Kim is sane, why is he in effect pointing a gun at the U.S. and threatening to shoot ? Could it involve the price of gold ?

The price of gold closed at $ 1,289.21 per ounce on August 11, 2017, on the international markets.  Gold prices are rising as they always do when international crises threaten.  With all the leaks that Americans have been hearing about in Washington, it is not too surprising that Europe has a few leaks, even the closed mouth Swiss are in on the game.  Several entities are buying large amounts of gold as surrogates for North Korea.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if the North Korean surrogates kept on buying gold until gold reached $ 1,547.06 per ounce ? If the surrogates position was 100 Billion in gold and the surrogates sold at $ 1,547.06 per ounce, that would be a nice profit of $ 20 Billion.  Also, at the same time the surrogates sold or closed their positions at $ 1,547.06/ounce, Kim might just state that he has reached an agreement with President Donald Trump and he promises to use his nuclear bombs for peaceful purposes just to protect North Korea.  Kim’s surrogates could short gold at that time and collect another 10 Billion as the price of gold falls back or below the $ 1,289/ounce range !

The Asian People love to gamble.  The Chinese People ripped off the doors at a new Casino in China in order to rush the gambling tables and test their joss. I am betting that Kim is a gambler too, but I hope he knows when to fold.  I also hope he is sane and pulls off a great economic scam that is perfectly legal if he does not start a nuclear war.

R. Van Conoley



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Remembering U.S. History On August 6 and August 9 In 2017

On August 6, 1945, President Harry Truman ordered the deployment of an atomic bomb against the city of Hiroshima in Japan.  On August 9, 1945, President Truman ordered the deployment of a second atomic bomb against the city of Nagasaki in Japan.  The two atomic bombs were named Little Boy and Fat Man and were developed under the direction of the Manhattan Project in the United States.

Today in 2017, the following countries have nuclear weapons and the number of atomic weapons available in the country is in parenthesis: 1) United States ( 6,780 ); 2) Russia ( 7,000 ); 3) France ( 300); 4) China ( 260 ); 5) UK ( 215 ); 6) Pakistan ( 140 ); 7)  India ( 120 ); 8) Israel ( 80 ); and 9) North Korea ( 8 ).

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced its symbolic Doomsday Clock by 30 seconds recently.  This indicates that humanity is 2 minutes and 30 seconds away from the apocalypse.  The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists criticized President Trump’s ” aggressive rhetoric. ”

This website continues to believe that the chances of Nuclear War have increased, but believes that 99.99% of the problem was created by the many irresponsible and warlike statements made by North Korea.  Candidate Donald Trump was the only candidate who spoke clearly during the 2016 presidential campaign about the serious threat of North Korea.  Additionally, President Trump has, in the view of this website, done everything in his power to work with China and other countries to reduce the threat from North Korea.

The only country that has not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is Israel.

It has been 72 years since the U.S. deployed atomic weapons to end the war between the U.S. and Japan.  All Americans need to evaluate and understand the facts as they exist in 2017.  President Trump is faced with some very difficult decisions that are necessary to protect America and the world from nuclear war and the apocalypse.  George Santayana stated: ” Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. ” I sincerely hope President Trump and his advisors have learned their lessons very well !

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Type North Korea into the search box at the top of this website and click go for other articles involving North Korea. )

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California As An Independent Nation

Once again, this website is deeply honored to publish an article written by our most distinguished contributor, Jonathan Swift.

I recently learned that Louis Marinelli has come to the conclusion that California does not need the United States.  Mr. Marinelli believes that California should become an independent nation.

I, Jonathan Swift, wish to publically go on record as being in total agreement with Mr. Marinelli.  What a Swift idea, if you will pardon the pun.  Mr. Marinelli certainly is on the right track, but his idea needs some additional consideration.  Once California is an independent nation, I believe that it should be physically separated from the United  States.

California has borders with three other states.  It borders: 1) Oregon, 2) Nevada, and 3) Arizona.  I suggest that once California becomes an independent nation that deep trenches should be dug along the California-Oregon border, the California-Nevada border, and along the California-Arizona border.  Once California is completely detached from these three states, it seems obvious that the former state of California should be dragged into the Pacific Ocean for at least 200 miles.

Just think, now Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona will have borders with the Pacific Ocean.  Oregon already has a border with the Pacific, but now the Southern border of Oregon will border the Pacific.  Nevada will have a long border with the Pacific and Arizona will have a modest border with the Pacific.

The question comes to mind where shall the old state of California be located in the vast Pacific.  Shall it go due West? Shall it go Northwest?  Shall it go Southwest?  I strongly advocate for towing the old state of California in a Northwest direction and believe that the new nation should be located in close proximity to China and North Korea.  Surely the good citizens of the old state of California will find happiness and form a close alliance with these two nations.

Editor’s Note: Jonathan Swift is a distinguished contributor to this website and we are deeply grateful for his contributions.  I would like to encourage readers to type the words, Jonathan Swift, into the search box on the home page of this website and easily locate other articles by this profound scholar.  Jonathan Swift’s contributions have continually generated great interest and many comments.  R. Van Conoley, Editor

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Donald Trump and Honest Capitalism

On July 12, 2011, I published an article on this website titled: ” Which Is Better: 1) Corrupt and Fascist Capitalism or, Honest and Just Socialism ? ” In that article, I wrote: ” … I would select a third choice if I had a choice.  I would prefer an honest and just form of capitalism to either just socialism or to corrupt capitalism …. ”  At the end of the article I stated in effect that I hoped the 2012 Presidential election would have real debates that involved more than a republican crook and a democrat crook.  Unfortunately they did not.

What many Americans fail to understand is that while Donald Trump was the republican party candidate in 2016, he was an outspoken opponent of both the republican party crooks and the democrat party crooks.  Donald Trump’s form of applying honest capitalism that will benefit almost all Americans is as much a threat to the corrupt republican “capitalists” as it is to the impractical socialists of the democrat party.

Few Americans can comprehend that Barack Obama did nothing to help poor working Americans and Black Americans who live in abject poverty.  If America had elected the head of the racist Ku Klux Klan in place of Obama, he could not have done less for the poor and impoverished citizens in the U.S . Obama spent a lot of his time with two of his super billionaire friends: 1) Warren Buffett and 2) George Soros.  In place of real economic opportunities, Barack Obama gave many Black Americans and poor White Americans the excuse of victimization and a little extra welfare to remain in abject poverty and hopelessness.  The rich and the super rich could not have asked for a better surrogate than Barack Hussein Obama.

Donald Trump will give great economic opportunities to millions of Americans who are willing to work or to be retrained.

Donald Trump is a significant paradigm shift from corrupt government and mindless welfare that threatens both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks in congress. He is the best thing that could possibly happen to our great Republic, so it is necessary that the forces of corruption must destroy him before Americans can fully understand how much better American can become under his wise leadership and supervision. It is now a battle of honest capitalism, led by Donald Trump, against an old and established order of political corruption.  The battle has been joined and the forces of political corruption want to fight their battle using corrupt tactics rather than U.S. Law and the legal political processes that have governed our great Republic.  If the forces of political corruption win, our Republic will be destroyed and that in my view would be better than returning to the old corrupt paradigm.

R. Van Conoley






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Laughter – Part 30

There was a beautiful young woman knocking on my hotel door all night.  I finally had to let her out.

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Part 8: Facts and More Facts

Skunks will eat anything that moves , including live bees and bats.   ***********************************************************************************************

Rats must constantly gnaw things to wear down their teeth, which grow up to five and a half inches each year.   *********************************************************************************************

Four million years ago, there were rats that were the size of bulls.***************************************************************************************

Mother rats will eat their babies if food is in short supply.              *******************************************************************************************

Koalas have fingerprints that are almost identical to human fingerprints.  An electron microscope is needed to tell the two apart.           ******************************************************************************************

Armadillos can walk across the bottom of a body of water or inflate their intestines with air and float across.                                                                       ****************************************************************************************

The blowfish, or puffer fish,  is the most poisonous vertebrate after the golden poison frog.    ********************************************************************************

Puffer toxin is one hundred times more poisonous than cyanide.  Ingestion can kill a person in one and a half hours.  Victims die of asphyxiation while fully conscious.     *********************************************************************************

In Japan, puffer fish (fugu) is a potentially deadly delicacy.  Only licensed fugu chefs are allowed to prepare it after completing two to three years of extensive training.    ********************************************************************************

R. Van Conoley




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