Part 8: Facts and More Facts

Skunks will eat anything that moves , including live bees and bats.   ***********************************************************************************************

Rats must constantly gnaw things to wear down their teeth, which grow up to five and a half inches each year.   *********************************************************************************************

Four million years ago, there were rats that were the size of bulls.***************************************************************************************

Mother rats will eat their babies if food is in short supply.              *******************************************************************************************

Koalas have fingerprints that are almost identical to human fingerprints.  An electron microscope is needed to tell the two apart.           ******************************************************************************************

Armadillos can walk across the bottom of a body of water or inflate their intestines with air and float across.                                                                       ****************************************************************************************

The blowfish, or puffer fish,  is the most poisonous vertebrate after the golden poison frog.    ********************************************************************************

Puffer toxin is one hundred times more poisonous than cyanide.  Ingestion can kill a person in one and a half hours.  Victims die of asphyxiation while fully conscious.     *********************************************************************************

In Japan, puffer fish (fugu) is a potentially deadly delicacy.  Only licensed fugu chefs are allowed to prepare it after completing two to three years of extensive training.    ********************************************************************************

R. Van Conoley




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Donald Trump and North Korea

The psychotic North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-un, launched a sophisticated ICBM on July 4, 2017.  The North Korean News Agency stated that Kim described the ICBM launch as a ” gift for the American Bastards.” Also, Kim urged his nuclear scientists to ” frequently send big and small gift packages to the U.S.”

The U.S. was a major part of a ” Police Action ” against North Korea from June, 1950, to July, 1953.  33,652 Americans lost their lives in this police action.

Donald Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who spoke about the clear and present danger to the U.S. from the psychotic North Korean Dictator.  Today, Donald Trump is Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. forces.

The following is my advice to President Donald Trump:

1) Mr. President, you were very wise to attempt to enlist the support of the Chinese by asking the  Chinese to adopt our position against North Korea.  Unfortunately, China decided not to accept all of our views toward North Korea.  If China had asked the U.S. to accept their views toward Iran so China could continue to obtain petrochemical products from Iran at a low price, I know that the U.S. would have rejected China’s views.

2) You must proceed without China.

3) Do not waste your time discussing the failed positions of both President George W. Bush (43) and Barack Obama as they relate to North Korea.  While these two incompetent Presidents helped to create the present situation by their incompetency, you alone have been elected to solve the problem.

4) It is absolutely clear that North Korea has both nuclear weapons and the missiles necessary to deliver atomic bombs to the U.S. The state of Hawaii could be incinerated tomorrow if North Korea launched a secret attack.  Additionally, North Korea may be able to reach the Continental U.S. with nuclear war heads.  All of South Korea is now under North Korea’s ” Dome of Destruction.”  North Korea’s ” Dome of Destruction” now extends to Japan and a large region of Asia.

5) Under no circumstances should you order American military forces to participate in a land offensive against North Korea.  It is your difficult task and solemn duty to order the U.S. military to strike North Korea with extensive force that will destroy at least 90% or more of North Korea’s military program and all of North Korea’s known nuclear and missile sites.  Our strikes should be from aircraft, ships, and any and all land based missile sites as needed.

6) Every minute that you delay is helpful to North Korea and harmful to the U.S.

7) Do not be so foolish as to believe that a ” limited strike ” could achieve any valid military objective.

8) Many sane and sensible individuals in the U.S. and throughout the world will accept and understand the need for an immediate military action.  The window of support for military action is now open, but it will not remain open for very long.

R. Van Conoley

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The CNN Cesspool Of False News

This website has long maintained that the only thing Americans find more reprehensible than a U.S. Congressman and a U.S. Senator is a foreign terrorist.  The world is changing and members of congress are no longer viewed as the second most reprehensible group of people after terrorists.   Indeed, there are some decent and honest members of congress that work for the American People and support the U.S. Constitution as they understand the document.

The cesspool of false news produced by CNN has moved the U.S. media into second place as the most reprehensible entity after terrorists.  The false news narrative disseminated by CNN was a lie designed to create American public opinion rather than report the news.  CNN carried their lies so far that as a law abiding American, it seems appropriate that CNN should no longer be allowed to hide under the narrative of “free speech.”

I deeply believe in free speech as a fundamental right of all American citizens.  However, the false news reporting by CNN, in my view, amounts to a criminal action and is a perversion and a vile misuse of the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life ! I plan to watch CNN so I will know what products not to buy.  I will not buy any product advertised on CNN.  Also, any U.S. congressman who is a guest on this vile and reprehensible network in the future will find that as an American I will exercise my constitutional right to donate a legal contribution to his/her opponent in 2018.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Please type into the search box on this website ( responsible free speech.)

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Addendum To ” A Cordial Letter To Duke Energy “

1) ______________________________________________________________

2) ____________________________________________








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A Cordial Letter To Duke Energy Corporation

Lynn J. Good, CEO and President// Duke Energy Headquarters// 526 S. Church Street// Charlotte, N.C. 28202 //

COPY TO: Duke Energy Corporate Office// 4359 SE Maricamp Rd.// Ocala, Fl. 34480 //

Dear Ms. Good:

I am a resident of DeBary, Florida, and Duke Energy Corporation serves most of the residents in the city of DeBary.

When Duke Energy purchased our previous electric provider, Progress Energy, you acquired both the assets and liabilities of Progress Energy.  One of the assets that Duke Energy acquired was a considerable amount of land.  The property line in the back of my house borders a portion of Duke Energy’s property.  The property under discussion is a natural forest that borders at least twenty other houses in this development.

I and my neighbors like the natural forest.  Possibly you were not aware of some of the legal requirements relating to your section of the natural forest:

1) Tree branches, tree limbs, vines and other forms of vegetation have grown over my fence and it is the legal responsibility of Duke Energy to remove this growth.  Also, other residents who have a common property line with your property would like for Duke Energy to clear a six foot wide path from their property lines back into the forest.  This is for their protection and for your protection.

2) There are a number of dead trees that are on your property and many of them are leaning in a direction that presents a danger to the residents and to their property.  These dead trees should be removed.

3) Over many years, dead tree branches, dead tree leaves, and a lot of other dead organic matter covers the forest floor in all places.  In a dry year, this organic material could ignite and destroy not only a nice forest but valuable property of private citizens in close proximity.  In some areas the covering is two feet deep and in other places it is at a depth of three feet.  DeBary residents believe that Duke Energy should reduce a serious future fire hazard by removing much of the dead organic matter from your forest floor.

Ms. Good, I believe that you were simply unaware of this situation.  I hope that your local representative and I can communicate and work together in a friendly and cordial manner.  Surely, this cordial approach would enhance the corporate image of Duke Energy.  However, a lifetime of experience has taught me that a considerate and cordial request is usually effective about 95% of the time.  In a few instances when a cordial approach was rejected, I have never hesitated to employ a forceful legal approach.

Today is June 26, 2017.  Therefore, I believe that you will agree with me that this situation should be completely resolved by July 26, 2017.  My private contact information is contained on a separate sheet and an addendum is attached that has been signed by a number of other interested DeBary residents.

Cordially, R. Van Conoley 26 June 2017; DeBary, Florida

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Liberal Terrorists and The Terrorist Media Launch War

This website published ” The New Liberal Terrorists and Their Media Allies ” on June 9, 2017.  Another article titled: ” Jon Ossoff, Karen Handel, and Senator Joseph McCarthy ” was published on June 14, 2017.  Both of these articles warned Americans about a new group of Liberal Terrorists. Both of these articles were published prior to the tragic shooting in Virginia by James T. Hodgkinson !

Hodgkinson asked several people if the people practicing baseball were democrats or republicans.  When it was confirmed that the individuals were republicans, Hodgkinson opened fire at 7:09 a.m. with a 7.62 millimeter SKS rifle of Soviet design.  He also had a 9 mm pistol for backup.  Representative Steve Scalise was seriously wounded and Zack Barth, Matt Mika, David Baily, and Crystal Griner were also hit.  Bailey and Griner were law enforcement officers and their return fire killed Hodgkinson.

The Terrorist, Hodgkinson, was a supporter of former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.  The question that the Terrorist Media, along with the much smaller honest media, has not asked is: ” Did members of a Liberal Terrorist group aid and abet Mr. Hodgkinson ?” Also, are there other Liberal Terrorist agents who are aiding and abetting other mentally ill individuals like Mr. Hodgkinson at this very moment ? Based on the hate speech that I have been hearing for the past eight months from the New Liberal Terrorists, I believe that this incident is just the beginning of a Liberal Terrorist War.

Presently many Federal Agents are not loyal to the U.S. Constitution and to U.S. Law as required in the past.  Today, at the behest of President Obama, the U.S. Government has Federal Agents, even in the FBI and the CIA, who are loyal to a radical left wing political ideology that is more valuable to them than the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Law !

America does not need a special prosecutor to investigate the false and imagined accusations violently attached to President Trump by a Terrorist News Media.  America greatly needs a special prosecutor to investigate the long standing criminal activities of Hillary Clinton while she was U.S. Secretary of State and this prosecutor must investigate why FBI Director Comey gave total immunity to five of Ms. Clinton’s co-conspirators and then stated that charges should not be brought against Ms. Clinton as she collected vast sums of money from foreign countries for the ” Clinton Foundation. ”

America is indeed at War as this website predicted and discussed in depth.  It has gone too far just to say everything was a mistake.  The very fact that Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton, only the second president of the U.S. to be impeached by the U.S. House, and then Lynch recuses herself and Director Comey declares that Hillary Clinton should not be charged with any crime.  Director Comey totally lacks a backbone by not standing up to Loretta Lynch and I would be very greatly surprised if Mr. Comey was not a major player in the “unmasking” of U.S. Citizens whose voice was captured on NSA intercepts.  How far does the Obama-Lynch-Comey cover-up go? Surely the Director of the NSA had to know that the Obama-Lynch-Comey ” unmasking” was taking place in 2016, as did the Director of DHS.

R. Van Conoley  ( It would be totally immoral on my part to imply that the entire U.S. Media is nothing more than Terrorists presenting false news to Americans.  Just as there are a few honest individuals in the U.S. Congress, there are some honest and decent members of the news media who work to present fair and accurate news.  From my perspective, I believe that about 75% of the news media is driven by ideology and is not adverse to presenting totally false news and/or biased news.  Our First Amendment, which provides for free speech, was never intended to allow the news media to violate the basic rules of common decency and fair play. To restore integrity to the U.S., Americans must redefine the parameters of the U.S. News media. )

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Jon Ossoff, Karen Handel, and Senator Joseph McCarthy

A special election will be held on June 20, 2017, to determine if Jon Ossoff or Karen Handel will become the new congressional representative from Georgia’s 6th. Congressional District.  Congressman Tom Price resigned from this seat after he was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Here is a short summary of the major talking points of the two candidates.  Jon Ossoff: ” Blab, blab, blab with a liberal spin. ”   Karen Handel: ” Blab, blab, blab with a conservative spin.”  News polls show that the two candidates are presently tied with 47% of the vote.  This website, , was highly critical of the 2016 false presidential polls and correctly predicted that Donald Trump would be the winner. believes that the 47%-47% poll is accurate and correct.

This website believes that the deciding candidate is not even in the race and is not even alive today.  Joseph R. McCarthy ( 11/14/1908 to 5/2/1957 ) was a U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin.  McCarthy was known for alleging that large numbers of Communists and Soviet Spies were inside the U.S. Government.  His unfounded and often totally false accusations came to be known as “McCarthyism.”

In 2017, liberal Democrats have created a de facto movement using both hatred and terrorism and have employed the same tactics that were used by Senator McCarthy.  These New Liberal Terrorists view Donald Trump as their devil.  The New Liberal Terrorists feel justified in using both terrorism and political violence directed at a legally elected president and his supporters.  About 91% of those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, plan to vote for Karen Handel, the republican candidate.  About 94% of those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, plan to vote for Jon Ossoff, the democrat candidate.

The race is not really about Ms. Handel and Mr. Ossoff, but about the present political climate of hate, terrorism, and the emergence of McCarthyism.  A vote for Ossoff is a vote for a continuation of the present political climate and a vote for the tactics of the New Liberal Terrorists.  A vote for Handel is a vote to modify the present political climate and a vote against the tactics of the New Liberal Terrorists.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Readers are strongly urged to read an article published on this website on June 9, 2017, titled: ” The New Liberal Terrorists and Their Media Allies.” )

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A Note To President Trump

President Trump:

As a law abiding American Citizen, I want to thank you for your outstanding work for our country.  Your recent Middle East trip to Saudi Arabia was by all standards a great triumph for all Americans.  You were very wise in your selection of words when you spoke before King Salman and other members of the Saudi Royal Family and the other guests.

It was quite apparent to me that King Salman had a deep and abiding respect for you and is now glad to join with the U.S. in our fight against Middle East Terrorists.  It is amazing how warmly you were embraced by our Islamic friends who now seem to better understand that terrorism is the enemy of all civilized people.

Please, keep up your great work.

Most respectfully, R. Van Conoley   13 June 2017



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The New Liberal Terrorists and Their Media Allies

Pascal said: “.. all men by nature hate each other…”  Hatred is a force that brings a diverse group of people into a unified organization.  Even some religions employ hatred in their teachings.  Religious movements can grow and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.  Common hatred unites the most heterogeneous elements.  To share a common hatred, even with an enemy, is to infect him/her with a feeling of kinship.

In 2017, some liberal Democrats created a de facto political movement using both hatred and terrorism as their tools of political change.  The New Liberal Terrorists view Donald Trump as their devil.  The New Liberal Terrorists feel justified in using both terrorism and violence directed at a legally elected President and his supporters because they “know” that their political perspective is correct.

The New Liberal Terrorists have even embraced Islamic Terrorists because hatred is such a powerful unifying force.  Recently some New Liberal Terrorists on a college campus demanded that all White people had to leave the campus for a day.  The New Liberal Terrorists use the most violent forms of intimidation to turn many college and university campuses into recruiting grounds for more Liberal Terrorists.

Unity and self-sacrifice, even when fostered by the most noble means, produce a facility for hatred.  Even when individuals league themselves together to promote peace and tolerance, like the Bernie Sanders supporters, they are violently intolerant toward those not of a like mind. Many of  Hillary Clinton’s supporters have become the most violent members of the New Liberal Terrorists.

The estrangement from the self produces a proclivity for passionate hatred.  The act of self denial, a common misconception of the New Terrorist Left, seems to confer on the New Liberal Terrorists a belief that they have the right to be merciless toward others.

The New Terrorist Left attempts to project the belief that their members are humble and selfless.  The New Terrorist Left breeds pride and arrogance and they believe that they are the chosen and are divinely empowered to decide who should be allowed to speak and they even believe that they should decide what speech is acceptable to the American People !! As members of the New Terrorist Left renounce the self ( in effect renounce themselves and magically create a “new” self ), they become part of a compact whole that renounces personal responsibility.  There is no limit to the extremes of cruelty and ruthlessness that the New Terrorist Left will go to when they are freed from fears and individual judgments.  When the New Terrorist Left abdicated their individual independence, they acquired the freedom to hate, bully, lie, torture, and even murder without shame or remorse.

Ernest Renan stated that the world has never seen a merciful nation. Nor have we heard of a merciful church or a merciful revolutionary party.  The hatred and cruelty which have their source in selfishness are ineffectual things when compared with the venom and ruthlessness born of selflessness. The New Terrorist Left claims to be selfless.

In 2017, the New Terrorist Left amalgamated with a New Terrorist Left group embedded in the news media.  The New Terrorist Left group of the news media has propagated a false, vile, reprehensible, and totally vicious narrative that has aided and abetted the New Liberal Terrorists to spread their message of hate and intolerance toward President Donald Trump and all of the Trump supporters.  The New Terrorist Left’s message is un-American and directed at all law abiding Americans who support American Law and the U.S. Constitution.

Lastly, it is absolutely true that violence breeds fanaticism and fanaticism breeds violence.  History has also taught those who study history that the New Terrorist Left will be met by a forceful, and possibly more violent movement from the right.  History teaches us that the New Terrorist Left will be countervailed by an antithetical movement !

R. Van Conoley

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Bankruptcy For Illinois ?

On June 1, 2017, a major event happened in the U.S. that few Americans noticed.  Even fewer Americans have any idea of the consequences of the event.  Two major bond rating services, Standard and Poor’s Corporation and Moody’s, lowered the ratings of state bonds issued by the state of Illinois.  For all practical purposes, municipal bonds issued by Illinois are essentially junk.  If the state of Illinois was a corporation, it would have to declare bankruptcy !

This website,,  published many articles over the past eight years relating to the debt burden of a number of states in the U.S.  All local, county, and state governments are forbidden from doing what only the U.S Federal Government can do.  Only the Federal Government can employ a method of deficit financing.  All cities, all counties, and all 50 states in the U.S. are required to have a balanced budget.  It is a sane and totally sensible federal law.  Unfortunately it is not enforced as it should be.  An article published on this website on August 24, 2013, contained the following statement: ” … Twenty-six states are in violation of federal law by operating their budgets using illegal deficit financing….”

Some states have improved their financial conditions while other states have increased their financial problems.  What amazes me as a law abiding American Citizen is how the news media reports, and too often fails to report, important news stories.

When Barack Obama was elected President, I thought that he would use his immense power and influence as President to help his home state of Illinois strengthen their financial condition.  Yet, he never even seemed aware of the public corruption in Illinois.  Like Louisiana and Arkansas, Illinois has a long and infamous history of public corruption.  As a state Senator from Illinois, it seems apparent to me, that Obama should have known about Illinois’ decades of public corruption.  Yet, it appears that Obama used the well known system of public corruption in Illinois to support his own Machiavellian political ambitions without any concerns for the public welfare.

Even a gentle newsline like the following might have served the American People very well as well after Obama was elected in 2008.  ” … Now that former state Senator Barack Obama has been elected as 44th President of the U.S., what will he do to help Illinois correct the severe financial problems that exist in that state ?” If an article with that thesis had been written in 2009, I seriously doubt that Illinois would be in their present financial condition in 2017 ! The news media wrote a number of articles about how Ms. Obama dressed and a lot of warm and fuzzy articles about the dog that Senator Kennedy gave as a gift to the Obama family.  My question is: ” Where was the hard news that should have been reported? ” Apparently the answer is that there was not any hard news because the news media was so very busy praising Mr. Obama who did not have one scintilla of information about economics and municipal finance.

From my perspective both George W. Bush (43) and Barack Obama totally lacked the necessary information needed to make sane and sensible economic decisions for the American People.  Donald Trump has an unbelievable amount of knowledge about economics, international economics, finance, international finance, city governments, state governments, the U.S. trade deficit, the U.S.  debt, and how to place the U.S. on a sound economic basis again.  Yet, 90% of the media are on a totally immoral and totally unjust course to destroy President Trump and his plans to make America Great Again.

It would not surprise me if the ” biased media ” blamed Mr. Trump for Illinois’ financial mess.  Strangely enough, the federal government has agencies to regulate securities, the money supply, banks, insurance companies, transportation, trade, commerce, labor, the environment and just about everything else that can possibly be imagined.  However, I am not sure which agency, if any, should have been monitoring municipal debt.  Clearly Americans are not willing to allow what they perceive as a corrupt congress to appropriate U.S. tax dollars to ameliorate Illinois’ financial disaster.

R. Van Conoley  ( The U.S. Government can absolutely not allow any state government in the U.S. to go bankrupt.  Illinois, like several other states, did not bother to pass a legal and binding state budget.  Possibly, President Trump’s major problem is to convince some members of the “Resistance” that America is a nation of Laws that must be followed.)

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