The Cost Of A Free Antivirus Program

The cost of free? The cost of free is not zero as you might expect.  I have been using a “free” antivirus program for several years and it has been working well. Until recently !

I trade and invest a small sum of money with a securities corporation.  Of course my brokerage is not free. Every time I buy or sell a security, I must pay a fixed amount.  That is the cost of doing business with this corporation.  However, their fees are upfront, fair, reasonable, and represent a fair cost of doing business. No problems !

I, like any sane individual, have  an antivirus from a corporation.  The antivirus (AV) is free. Recently the AV corporation, after several years, started finding hidden virus threats when I was on a super secure securities website and that kept me from going from one screen to another screen. The AV corporation suggested that I “scan” for the hidden virus. I did. Then the corporation suggested that I purchase an updated AV program and my choices were for one year or for two years. I clicked ” no thanks.” My problem was unresolved.

It turns out that the AV company said I could have a free trial.  So before I clicked the ” I agree” button, I read the fine print. The fine print said that if I took a free trial, then I was obligated to pay for one year of the AV program. I said no for several reasons. 1) I do not like to be deceived like that. 2) I do not like to give my credit card number over the computer. 3) I like to do business with a corporation, any corporation, that has a real phone number so I can call with questions. 4) Had the corporation been honest enough to simply state that they were tired of giving me a free AV program and the fee for  services was $30/year or $40/year, or even $50/year in the future, then the check would have been in the mail tomorrow as long as they had a valid phone connection in the U.S.

So tomorrow, I must go to a local computer store about 20 miles from my house and have someone that I trust place a new AV program on my computer.  There are probably billions of dollars of money that corporations could garner if they only had a valid phone number so cautious people like me could contact them directly and get straight talk with out the lying and the BS associated with some corporations.

A wise saying, or aphorism, from the past states: ” Most lies revolve around women and funerals.” That was so very true in the past. Today my aphorism states: ” Most lies revolve around computers, women, and funerals in that order. ”

R. Van Conoley


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Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

For over a decade that I have had this website, I have attempted to be just and fair in my articles.  Readers know that I generally despise democrat politicians and republican politicians equally.  I refer to them as democrat crooks and republican crooks. I also concede that there are a few decent men and women in the U.S. Congress.

The recent Brett Kavanaugh hearings are an embarrassment to me as a law abiding and sane American.  The fault lies with the Democrat crooks.  Their behavior is disgusting, vile, reprehensible, and borderline psychotic.

I will not vote for a single Democrat in the 2018 election because of the reprehensible way the democrats have behaved.  The vile and reprehensible behavior displayed by the Senate democrats will drive reasonable people away from the democrat candidates in 2018. It is clear that we need an IQ test for future Democrat candidates !  Do these individuals know how they appear in the minds of sane and sensible Americans?

Hillary Clinton led the democrat crooks to defeat in the 2016 Presidential election.  Most likely, the semi-psychotic Hillary Clinton is leading the democrat crooks to certain defeat in the 2018 mid-term elections.  The democrats were in a position to capture a majority of the U.S. House in the November, 2018 elections.  However, Hillary Clinton and her semi-psychotic thugs have snatched defeat again from the jaws of victory by their horrific, vile, and reprehensible behavior.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: The creepy porn lawyer will add a Kafkaesque touch to the disgraceful hearings scheduled this week.  Gag ! )

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Senator Feinstein Finds A New Witness !

TO: Senator Dianne Feinstein; Senate Judiciary Committee; U.S. Senate; Washington, D.C.

From: Nancy “Boobs” McCall;  ( Address Redacted ).

Dear Senator Feinstein:

My name is Nancy ” Boobs ” McCall. I was born on April 4, 1935, and remain an attractive and active 83 year old woman today. I worked as a prostitute in Nevada from 1955 until 1972.  (age 21 to age 37 ).

In 1974, at age 39, I moved East and took a job at Mater Dia School for Boys.  I worked as a substitute teacher and a substitute school nurse.  I was 39 at the time.

On February 12, 1975, I was a substitute teacher at Mater Dia for the day.  In the process of checking student’s work, I would call each student to my desk and observe their work to make certain that they were completing their assignment.  When I called Brett Kavanaugh to my desk, Brett placed his work on my desk with his right hand and fondled my left breast with his left hand.  I remember the exact date because Brett said that he wanted a “new experience” for his tenth birthday.

Later that same day, I overheard Brett talking with another male student.  Brett told his friend to sneak out of his house and meet him at their usual location so they could peek through some semi-open blinds and watch a sixteen year old girl undress.

I believe that my testimony needs to be heard before your committee so America can really learn what kind of man Brett Kavanaugh really is.  Hopefully my testimony will give a modicum of credence to the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford that seems totally unbelievable.

Please feel free to give a copy of my letter to the FBI so my credibility will be enhanced.

Sincerely, Nancy ” Boobs ” McCall

P.S. I thought that the man who attended your committee hearing dressed as a condom  helped people focus on the seriousness of your hearings. It was indeed a Spartacus moment.

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A Wise Saying – Part 163

An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.


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A+ For FOX News

On Sunday night I watched the program titled: ” Town Hall America. ”  Harris Faulkner was the host of the show and Ms. Faulkner was indeed fair and totally balanced in every way.  The program was about the very close U.S. Senate race in Arizona in November, 2018.

There was a panel of citizens from Arizona who gave their political opinions.  The group of citizens was selected in a fair and balanced way and it did not consist of just republicans or just democrats or just men or just women or just older or younger citizens.  The group was representational of the citizens of Arizona and the U.S. Also, Ms. Faulkner allowed everyone to speak without shouting or rude interruptions.

I hope FOX news will allow Ms. Faulkner to conduct more programs like this.  This is exactly what honest journalism needs so badly.

Also, several nights ago, I watched Laura Ingraham host a show to titled: ” Bullets and blame, another weekend in Chicago. ”  The format was similar to the TOWN HALL AMERICA program.  Citizens from the Chicago area were on the panel and each was allowed to speak.  This program was also what I believe the American People want and need in order to restore fair, just, and responsible journalism.

R. Van Conoley  ( Hopefully other news outlets will develop a balanced program schedule to inform American Citizens about the 2018 races that will be decided in November, 2018.)



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A Wise Saying – Part 162

A man is not honest simply because he never had a chance to steal.


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Remembering 9/11/2001 on 9/11/2018

On September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the United States.  The attacks killed 2,996 people and injured over 6,000 others.

President Trump spoke on September 11, 2018, at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. President Trump stated: ” We’re gathered together on these hallowed grounds to honor the memory of nearly 3,000 souls who were murdered on this day 17 years ago.  We’re here to pay solemn tribute to the 40 passengers and crew members of Flight 93 who rose up, defied the enemy, took control of their destiny, and changed the course of history.  Today we mourn their loss. We share their story. And we commemorate their incredible valor….

” We grieve together for every mother and father, sister and brother, son and daughter who was stolen from us at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and here in this Pennsylvania field. We honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and do whatever it takes to keep America safe… ”

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Bernard Kerik was appointed police Commissioner of New York City by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on August 21, 2000.  Mr. Kerik recently published a book titled: ” The Grave Above The Grave. ”  This is an interesting and powerful novel about terrorism.  It is highly recommended to our readers.  )


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Liberal Democrats, Negroes, and Donald Trump

Liberal/Socialist Democrats, which make up about 95% of the Democrat Party, view Negroes in two distinct ways. They view all Negroes as either a ” good Negro” or a ” bad Negro.”

O.J. Simpson,  Bill Cosby,  Marion Barry,  Barack Obama,  and Jesse Jackson are some examples of individuals that liberal Democrats view as good Negroes.

George Washington Carver,  Colonel Allen West,  Dr. Ben Carson,  Dr. Thomas Sowell,  Dr. Margaret Simms,  Walter Williams,  J.C. Watts,  and Justice Clarence Thomas are some examples of individuals that liberal Democrats view as bad Negroes.

Liberal Democrats believe that good Negroes need the generosity of White liberal Democrats in order to survive.  Therefore,  White liberal Democrats  must continually remind good Negroes and all Black Americans that their best interests are served only when liberal Democrats are in the majority.  White liberal Democrats must continually promise Black Americans that the election of liberal Democrats will result in more welfare, more food stamps, more government assistance, and more public housing.

Additionally, White liberal Democrats must continually remind Black Americans that the higher levels of unemployment and the higher levels of poverty in the Black community are the fault of Republicans and conservatives and individuals who believe in the Constitution.  White liberal Democrats must continually tell Black Americans that they are the victims of conservative Republican discrimination.  White liberal Democrats must affirm that Black citizens who became wealthy and financially well off are bad Negroes.  The White liberal Democrats do this by inhibiting FREE SPEECH.

Dr. Ben Carson became a world famous neurologist-MD because he worked very hard and overcame difficulties.  He did not become an MD because some liberal White Democrats gave it to him.  Therefore, liberal White Democrats must destroy any and all successful Black candidates who identify as Republicans or as conservatives.

When the name of Clarence Thomas was submitted to the U.S. Senate for confirmation to the Supreme Court, the Democrat Party did everything to slander him including making false accusations. The Democrats implied that Mr. Thomas was not competent and totally unqualified.  Mr. Thomas referred to his Senate hearing as an ” electronic lynching.”  Years ago Clarence Thomas was treated in the same vile, reprehensible, vulgar, and immoral way as President Donald Trump has been treated today.

Many students who attend colleges and universities in America today are never able to hear conservative speakers at their college or university because liberal thugs incite violence whenever a conservative or Republican wishes to speak at their institution.  The White liberal Democrats control the teachers union that controls the majority of public school teachers who are forced to promote a liberal socialist agenda.

I am a law abiding American Citizen and I grew up in the old South after World War II.  I clearly remember the racism directed against Black Americans, and I knew it was wrong.  Yet I saw a growing number of White Americans join with others to correct this problem and bring forth a more just society for all.

Recently, I learned of a nine year old White girl in a public school who became the victim of abuse and mistreatment from her Black classmates.  What did she do wrong? The Black students said that she was acting too White.  Who taught the Black students to abuse and mistreat a nine year old White girl?  The racist teachers promoted this pathological agenda on behalf of White liberal Democrats !

There is a man who can not be silenced.  President Trump carries his message to overflowing crowds in state after state after state.  I most respectfully suggest that President Trump carry his message to areas where low income citizens live and work.  Donald Trump has done more to help Black and Hispanic Americans with his economic miracles than any President ever did before him.

There is a political fight to determine who will control the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate after the November 6, 2018, election.  If President Trump carries his message to cities like Chicago where a person is shot every 2 minutes and 27 seconds and a person is murdered every 12 minutes and 59 seconds, he will gain respect and votes from all citizens and retain control of congress. It might be a good idea to remind all citizens that the Democrat Party has been in control of Chicago for over 50 years.

Mr. President, do not ask Black citizens what they have to lose by voting for you.  Tell them how much they have gained since you became President and tell them that you are continuing to work for the working middle class citizens. You have started an amazing political movement and you would win 66 of the 67 counties in Florida if you were to run again in 2020. Forget the fake media and forget one loud mouthed Black racist who screams invective against you.  Just do it !

R. Van Conoley   ( I respectfully suggest to President Trump that he invite Dr. Carson, Colonel West, and Newt Gingrich to accompany you to your rallies.  The public needs to know that you have good and decent people working for you.  Also, Vice President Pence should accompany you if security will allow it. Just do it ! )




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Chicago – The City of Crime and Political Corruption

In 2017, 625 people were shot and killed in Chicago. In 2017, 2,936 people were shot and wounded in Chicago.  A person is shot every two minutes and 27 seconds in Chicago. A person is murdered every 12 minutes and 59 seconds in Chicago.

Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. with a population of 2.7 million. The Chicago Metropolitan area has a population of 9.5 million.

Chicago Alderman Arenda Troutman was sentenced to four years in federal prison for corruption in 2009.  Her replacement, Alderman Willie Cochran was shortly thereafter indicted on federal corruption charges.

The Mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel, a close associate of Barack Obama.  Mr. Obama got much of his financial training in governmental finance while in Chicago, no doubt.  With Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago, you are probably wondering how anything could sully the reputation of Chicago.

Chicago’s pension fund has a shortage of cash.  What a surprise ! How can the Mayor fix this problem? Finance Chief Carol Brown stated that she would soon decide if she can endorse a taxable bond offering that would be used to reduce the existing $ 28 Billion pension fund shortage.

Now, what could possibly go wrong there?  Chicago is betting that it can earn more investing the proceeds than it would have to pay to service the new debt.  Mayor Emanuel made a presentation to investors and suggested a 5.25% interest rate for $ 10 Billion. Mr. Emanuel must have developed his keen sense of financial management from his close association with Barack Obama.

Sadly many American voters are not aware that some cities, counties, and states are mismanaging their municipal finances in an extremely irresponsible manner. To many informed individuals, the irresponsible use of funds on the local and state levels is a greater hazard to our financial system than our National Debt.

A representative from Evercore Wealth Management said a $ 10 Billion pension obligation bond would weaken the city’s credit. Really ?

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: The U.S. seriously needs federal legislation to monitor and  regulate municipal debt and pension fund debt on the municipal levels.  The only individual presently on the scene with a vast enough knowledge of finance to correct this growing problem is President Donald Trump. It would require a bill, designed by Mr. Trump, sent to congress for consideration. Members of Congress seem to be unaware of this growing problem in the U.S. that is effecting several states. )

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Globalization

The following is a list of the wealthiest individuals in the U.S. at the end of 2017. Bill Gates, age 62, is worth 89 Billion dollars.  Jeff Bezos, age 54, is worth 82 Billion dollars.  Warren Buffett, age 87, is worth 78 Billion dollars.  Mark Zuckerberg, age 34, is worth 71 Billion dollars.  Larry Ellison, age 73, is worth 59 Billion dollars.  Charles Koch,82,  and his brother, 78, David are each worth 49 Billion dollars.  Mike Bloomberg, age 76, is worth 47 Billion dollars. Larry Page, age 45, is worth 45 Billion dollars.  Sergey Brin, age 44, is worth 43.5 Billion dollars.

What do the ten richest individuals in the U.S. have in common.  First, they are all men.  Second, they are all White.  Third, they are all conditional supporters of globalization.

What exactly is globalization? The answer depends on exactly who you ask. Globalization encompasses many things such as the international flow of ideas, the international flow of information, the interactions of cultures, and even the global environment and the global environmentalist movement.

My recent studies of globalization have focused on economic globalization.  Economic globalization could be defined as a stronger economic interaction of all of the countries of the world through increased flow of capital, labor, products, and services.  The noble aim of economic globalization is to help poor countries become richer and provide them with better markets for their products.

Globalization, in reality, does not always help poor countries become richer.  Often globalization helps the world’s richest individuals become richer.

Interestingly, our first billionaire President, Donald Trump, is not a supporter of globalization.  Mr. Trump is often referred to as the ” Blue collar billionaire,” because he has a sharp focus on helping working-middle income Americans increase their net worth through better jobs and higher employment.

Charles and David Koch, mentioned in the list of the ten richest Americans, have until recently only supported republican candidates for congressional offices and for president. In 2016, the Koch Brothers, did not support Donald Trump and in 2018, are not supporting republican congressional candidates as they have in the recent past.

George Soros, age 87, is worth about 23 Billion dollars.  He would be about number 20 on the richest list of Americans.  Soros continues to support and donate to some extremely left wing organizations. This is his legal right, but there has been a shortage of billionaires in the past who supported far left organizations and Socialist groups like Soros does.

As I studied the inchoate and somewhat arcane field of economic globalization, I have discovered an economic theorem that many of the Prize winning Nobel economists have not discovered. They missed it completely.

If you make a list of the 200 richest individuals in the world, they support all aspects of globalization that will increase their net worth.  Additionally, the 200 richest individuals in the world will oppose all aspects of globalization that will decrease their net worth. It is a perfect correlation.

Allow me to spell out the main reason why some billionaire globalists oppose Donald Trump.  Mr. Trump has increased the wages of all working and middle income individuals in the U.S. with his very sensible economic policies. U.S. workers are earning higher salaries under President Trump.  The billionaire globalists who make a bundle of money by using very cheap human labor in foreign countries are under pressure from foreign workers to raise their wages like the American workers received. Are you sad that some globalist billionaire has to reduce his net worth from say $ 12.6 Billion down to about $ 12.2 Billion? Of course that does not bother you, but it irritates the multi-billionaires who want to see their own net worth increase every year.  Also, Mr. Trump’s fair trade for America is really helpful to the working-middle income Americans, but may reduce some  multi-billionaires net worth by a fraction of one percent.

I agree fully with President Trump’s policies that will help make America Great Again and will make America richer. While Mr. Trump has some billionaire supporters, he has fewer billionaire supporters than other Presidents have had.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: There are at least four billionaires who are considering seeking the Democrat nomination for president in 2020. It seems about a 99% safe bet to wager that the 2020 Democrat Presidential nominee will be a billionaire and an individual who has never held public office before. )

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