The Gobbledygook Psychosis and Murder In Our Schools

On May 18, 2018, Dimitrios Pagourtzis murdered ten students at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas.  This was indeed a tragedy.  This type of tragedy has become all too common in the U.S.

Unfortunately, no individual or group has provided a satisfactory explanation of why this is happening in the U.S. so frequently.  The simplistic answer is to blame this senseless type of violence on the Constitutional right for responsible individuals to own guns.  This mindless theory does not explain why other countries throughout the world where gun ownership is legal, seldom if ever,  have murderous rampages in their school systems. will propose one variable that could be a significant factor in U.S. school violence and school murders.  Both the National Education Association (NEA) and the philosophical writings of John Dewey are considered responsible, to an extent, of  murders in  U.S. public schools.  Neither the NEA nor John Dewey are viewed as part of a nefarious plot to promote the murders of school children.  Yet that is a result of the actions of the two mentioned entities.

The U.S. requires individuals who wish to teach in the public school system to take a minimum number of courses in “education” and “educational theory.” Strangely, education courses in the U.S. have evolved their own language over the decades and this strange and psychotic language is often referred to as edubabble or gobbledygook.

The language of edubabble is similar to a form of English that is often babbled by seriously mentally ill individuals with a form of schizophrenia.  Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that is frequently characterized by verbal phrases that do not have clear and comprehensible verbal references.

Lets look at a few examples of edubabble to assist individuals unfamiliar with psycholinguistics and semantics.  Educator one might say to educator two: ” We must actualize our student’s cognitive potential across spatial and temporal scales.” Educator two might reply: ” Yes. We must also increase their effective intellectual domains.”

Unfortunately the above statements are open to 100 different views by 100 different people.  Edubabble has no common form of reference that is understandable or comprehensible.  Edubabble is simply a psychotic form of English that is applied and used in educational situations. ( Individuals who are interested in a greater depth of understanding should read and study books on psycholinguistics and semantics. There are many excellent books available in this field.) Unfortunately the U.S. educational system requires that prospective teachers and administrators study a language that is incomprehensible and lacks basic understandings in the meaning of words and phrases.

In a random group of people, some are mentally stable while others are moderately mentally stable while others are mentally unstable.  Mentally unstable individuals can often function adequately when they are associated or placed into a group where sane and sensible behavior are the norm. Conversely, mentally unstable individuals become more unstable when placed into a group or situation where sane and sensible behavior are not the norm.

Since edubabble is the language of public education in the U.S., most students are placed into an environment that increases mental instability. The main reason why edubabble has developed in the U.S. is because our educational system evolved from the writings of a man, John Dewey, who was a Fabian Socialist. As education developed in the U.S., the extremely liberal views of John Dewey became the norm. Also, like many ideologies, different viewpoints were not welcomed nor encouraged.  Hence, both moderate and conservative views in education were essentially “forbidden” in colleges of education. believes that all colleges of education should be closed at all universities in the U.S. since the material is counterproductive and at variance with basic common sense.  Also, believes that parents should be given a choice relating to the philosophy and management of the public school that their child attends.  If Dimitrious Pagourtzis had attended a well managed public institution where common sense was the norm and accountability was the rule, it would have greatly reduced the probability of the tragedy of May 18, 2018, at the Santa Fe High School !

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Type the term, school shootings, into the search box at the top of the home page on this website and other related articles will appear for your reading. )

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CNN At An Historical Witchcraft Trial

Many law abiding U.S. Citizens have come to believe that the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller is a witch hunt designed to destroy a legally elected president and represents neither justice nor the interests of U.S. Citizens.

A witch-hunt is a search for individuals labeled as witches or individuals who practice witchcraft.  Most witch hunts in Europe and North America took place from 1450 to about 1750.  Witches were tortured, burnt at the stake, or hanged. This barbaric practice existed in North America until around 1800.

However, there were no electronic devices nor electronic media to inform individuals in the 1700’s.  Therefore, I have asked the amazing Jonathan Swift to create a narrative that would have been followed if CNN were electronically covering a witchcraft trial in 1706.

Don: Well Anderson, it appears that the woman charged is indeed a witch.

Anderson: You are probably correct Don, but the trial has not yet begun.

Don: I can look at that woman and see that she is a witch with evil powers and can cast evil spells.

Anderson: It is true that she has four cats and everyone knows that witches always have cats.

Don: It has also been reported that she flies on a broom when the moon is full.

Anderson: I have some unnamed sources that state that the woman has supernatural powers.

Don: You are correct. I always know a witch when I see one.  My family came from the African region that is Cameroon today. ( Editor’s Note: Cameroon in 2018 still has laws against witchcraft and prosecutes witches for practicing witchcraft. )

R. Van Conoley ( I am deeply grateful for the assistance of Jonathan Swift and greatly appreciate his analysis. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 157

If stability and efficiency required that there existed markets that extended infinitely far into the future – and these markets clearly did not exist – what assurance do we have of the stability and efficiency of the capitalist system ?    Joseph Stiglitz

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Crime and Punishment

As a law abiding American, I believe that criminal punishment should reflect the severity of the crime.  Treason is a serious crime and capital punishment is one form of redress.

It appears to me that: 1) Hillary Clinton, 2) James Comey, 3) Andrew McCabe, 4) Peter Strozk, 5) Rod Rosenstein, 6) Loretta Lynch, 7) Lisa Page, and 8) Robert Mueller have all committed treason against the U.S. Constitution and against the American People in the process of committing numerous other crimes and excessive abuses of power. This group of unethical, immoral, vile, and reprehensible individuals appear to have violated numerous U.S. Laws and committed serious acts of treason.

Additionally, I believe that both James Clapper and John O. Brennan were deeply involved with the eight individuals listed above and clearly aided and abetted in serious acts of criminal behavior and acts of treason.  Both Clapper and Brennan appear to have seriously abused their power to aid the above eight in acts of treason.

While I believe that all ten of the above individuals deserve a fair and just trial in which they may present facts to prove their innocence, I can not believe the massive amounts of data,  e-mails, and other supporting documents that clearly indicate the commission of serious crimes including treason.

The alleged criminal acts committed by the above individuals is not in any manner equivalent to President Bill Clinton receiving fellatio from a young intern in the Oval Office.  If a court of law adjudicates treason for any or for all ten individuals, justice can only be served if capital punishment is the redress for their criminal acts.

It is my view that Robert Mueller is the designated “hit man” and his mission is to protect the ongoing criminal enterprise that has existed in Washington, D.C. for decades under both Democratic and Republican administrations.  I believe that Mueller and his band of Trump haters will stalk Trump for years so that Trump can not carry out his campaign promise of destroying the criminal element that has embedded itself into the U.S. Government and effectively destroyed our Constitutional Republic.

I do not wish to see violence, but events are clearly moving toward a very violent confrontation.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note: Congress is one of three branches of government and has vast powers to act as a check against the Judicial and Executive Branches of the Federal Government.  How is it possible that committee members of congress can demand documents from the Justice Department, the FBI, and the CIA and then not receive the documents? This indeed makes congress look weak, worthless, and corrupt.  Individuals held in contempt of Congress should be held in jail until legally requested documents are delivered.  Sadly, Washington corruption runs so deep, that some members of congress are also part of the Washington Criminal Cabal.)







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Destruction of The U.S. Constitution

As a law abiding American Citizen, I have watched with ever increasing horror and outrage at the unethical, immoral, illegal, vile, reprehensible, and increasingly psychotic “investigation” by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

It is clear to me and to most other sane and sensible Americans that the Mueller investigation is an attempt to protect a criminal cabal of high level men and women who violated numerous federal laws during the Obama Administration for the explicit purpose of aiding and abetting the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

It appears to me that the Clinton Crime Family recruited Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, and many more to violate numerous laws to promote the campaign of Hillary Clinton.  Additionally, individuals in both the Justice Department and the FBI abused their powers to harm and spy upon then candidate Donald Trump.

Recent actions by Robert Mueller clearly demonstrate that the special prosecutor will twist and distort the most basic principals of American Law in order to damage Donald Trump and protect career criminals who are part of the Washington cesspool.

Additionally, a section of the American News Media, often referred to as the Liberal Media or the Fake News Media, have seriously abused their Constitutional rights of free speech by abandoning every accepted rule of ethical journalism in their desire to destroy Donald Trump.

Even the mild mannered former President Jimmy Carter stated that Donald Trump was subject to grossly unfair treatment by the news media !

The poison spewed forth by the anti-Trump media is the shameful political equivalent of Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels.

It is long past time when this shameful political event should have ended.  Our Republic can only continue to exist if a real special prosecutor is appointed and allowed to investigate all of the violations that happened before, during, and after the 2016 election.

R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 156

We have more faith in what we imitate than in what we originate.  We fail to derive certainty from anything which has its roots in us alone.  The greatest sense of insecurity comes from standing alone. We are not alone when we imitate.

R. Van Conoley

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Janet Yellen – 2018 Person Of The Year

Sanityandsense is pleased to announce that Janet Yellen was selected as the person of the year for 2018.  While the year 2018 is only 68 days old, it is extremely unlikely that anyone can display the integrity, courage, and common sense recently displayed by Ms. Yellen.

In her last day in office as Chair of the Federal Reserve System, Ms. Yellen imposed strong sanctions on Wells Fargo Bank to punish this institution for its criminal behavior and other forms of misconduct.  The Fed imposed an order that prohibits Wells Fargo from growing its assets beyond their present level.

Ms. Yellen stated: ” We can not tolerate pervasive and persistent misconduct at any bank and the consumers harmed by Wells Fargo expect that robust and comprehensive reforms will be put in place to make certain that the abuses do not occur again. ”

U.S. Banks are regulated by the Fed and the FDIC and various banking laws.  Most people believe that the 2008 Depression was due in large part because the banks were improperly regulated by our governmental agencies.  Also, the largest U.S. Banks were guilty of gross mismanagement and greed.  Sadly the dimwitted George W. Bush (43) and the corrupt Barack Obama rewarded some of the largest Banks through the unwise TARP bailout.  The TARP bailout was started by Bush and unwisely continued by Obama.  The TARP bailout used U.S. tax dollars to bailout corrupt banks and bankers.

Individuals who desire additional information are encouraged to read an article titled: ” Wells Fargo CEO Appears Before Senate Banking Committee.”  This article was published on this website on October 4, 2017.  Simply type in the words, Wells Fargo, into the search box on the homepage and then click go, and the article will appear.

The TARP bailout by Bush and Obama effectively rewarded corruption and mismanagement. Since no punishment was imposed on guilty banks and bankers, it seems likely that this situation could happen again.  Janet Yellen was the first U.S. public official to send a clear message that financial mismanagement and corruption would not be tolerated by our regulated banks. Too bad that Janet Yellen is no longer in a position of financial oversight.  She did a great job as Chair of the Fed.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Not all banks were equally guilty in creating the 2008 Depression. The author of this article believes: 1) Banks that are considered too big to fail are too big to exist. 2) Banks that violate U.S. banking laws and regulations should suffer severe penalties and should even forfeit their right to remain a legal business entity. 3) The FDIC can force an insolvent bank’s sale to another bank. The FDIC should force corrupt banks that fail to correct their problems into a forced sale to other bank(s). )

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On March 7, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that he was going to sue the state of California because some elected officials are violating federal law. WHAT A JOKE ! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT !

If AG Jeff Sessions had any balls and brains, he would convene a federal Grand Jury and indict California Governor Jerry Brown, the Lieutenant Governor of California, and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Then send out FBI agents to arrest these three individuals, and many others that are equally guilty,  immediately after the Grand Jury has handed down indictments. Once these scumbags have been arrested, they should be kept in jail without bond since treason would be one of the many charges handed down by a grand jury.

I know that Sessions was a great and very early supporter of Donald Trump, but Sessions is a joke to law abiding Americans as Attorney General.  The Deputy Attorney General,  Rod Rosenstein, is totally unqualified to remain an employee of the Federal Government since he signed a FISA warrant along with other individuals who should have been indicted a long time ago.  Rosenstein should be fired and then Sessions should resign and then a real Attorney General can pursue the political crooks that are in California government and elsewhere in our Republic.

A hint to the Trump administration: While both houses of Congress are Republican controlled and there is a Republican President, now is the time to clean the cesspool of public corruption that exists in the U.S. due to a corrupt FBI and a corrupt Justice Department that were created by the corrupt President Barack Obama and his super corrupt group of criminals directed by the super corrupt Clinton Klan. DO IT NOW.

This is far bigger than Watergate.  However, republicans during Watergate did not try to protect the corrupt President Nixon. Yet the corrupt democrats have shown that they, along with a large and corrupt left wing media, will do anything to protect the corrupt democratic party and destroy our legally elected President Trump. The republicans need to take off the gloves and begin the real fight for American Justice !

R. Van Conoley     ( Editor’s Note: Do not look for my vote in 2018 and in 2020 if the Trump team can not bring the enemies of American Law before a court of law and obtain a conviction ! )

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How Broward County Public School Corruption Created The Tragedy on 2/14/2018

I remain deeply saddened by the 17 murders at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County. The essential fact in this horrible situation is that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was known as a severely disturbed individual by many students, most teachers at the school, all administrators at the school, by local law enforcement, and even the FBI had calls and warning signs.  Yet a totally corrupt and totally incompetent public school system did nothing to help this student and prevent this terrific tragedy and a corrupt local government contributed to this tragedy.

This website has written numerous articles on: 1) Public school shootings, and 2) The public corruption of the Broward County Public School System and the corruption of local government in Broward county.  The previous article posted on 2/15/2018, discussed some important facts about public school shootings in the U.S. The article was titled: ” School Shootings – The Best and Final Answer.”  The present article focuses on the public corruption of the Broward County Public School System and also focuses on the public corruption of Broward County Government.

Of the 67 Countywide school districts in Florida, Broward County Public Schools has the dubious reputation of being the most corrupt public school system in the state of Florida.  Two members of the Broward County School Board over recent years have been indicted, arrested, and convicted of criminal activity.  William Dandy was a school administrator in the Broward County system. A middle school was named for William Dandy in his honor. Sadly Mr. Dandy hit and killed an individual with his car and fled the accident scene.  This is a serious criminal offense, and a citizen gave law enforcement the car license number.  Dandy was arrested and the evidence clearly indicated his guilt. However, since Dandy was a member of the corrupt political establishment of Broward County, many politicians showed up to plead with the judge in hopes of a lenient sentence.  Dandy essentially got off, although he was not found not guilty. The school remains in Broward County as a memorial to a thoroughly corrupt public school administrator.

If you think this is bad, lets take a look at two past presidents of the Broward County Teacher’s Union.  In the recent past, a former head of the Broward Teacher’s Union was indicted, arrested, and jailed on charges of pedophilia.  The really sad thing was that it was essentially public knowledge that he was a pedophile and nothing was said for years.  But lets not stop there. A second Teacher’s Union President, named Pat Santeramo, was sentenced to prison involving a kickback scam.

But lets not stop there.  Miriam Oliphant was elected to the Broward County School Board and served two terms there without a criminal indictment.  Unfortunately, Oliphant was severely devoid of a great intellect.  However, while on the Board with a lot of other members, Ms. Oliphant’s lack of intellect remained unnoticed by many. Then she decided to seek election to the Office of Supervisor of Elections.  The major newspaper endorsed her and she was elected.  Unfortunately, Oliphant was so intellectually challenged as Supervisor that then Governor Jeb Bush had to suspend her as Supervisor and his decision was upheld by the Florida Senate.

On and on it goes ! Just one more example to demonstrate that the entirety of Broward County corruption.   Ken Jenne (b. 1947) is a former Democratic member of the Florida Senate.  Jenne had the political connections, so without any law enforcement training and having never served as a law enforcement officer, he decided to seek election to sheriff and easily won the election.  Jenne later resigned as sheriff after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion and mail fraud.  Jenne was released from federal custody on September 29, 2008.

I could go on and on about the massive public corruption in Broward County, but who would want to read 300 pages? You clearly get the idea.

How would I begin to dispense justice in this terrible incident other than bringing Nikolas Cruz before a court of law for capital murder?  Unfortunately, the corrupt county government of Broward County and the extremely corrupt Broward County School System can not be named as co-conspirators with Nikolas Cruz. Yet their guilt is evident. I believe that Broward County Public Schools Superintendent, Robert Runcie, should be terminated from his position and his educational certificate should be withdrawn for life. I believe that every top level superintendent and top level school administrator in Broward County should also be terminated and their educational certificates withdrawn for life.  Also, I believe that the principal and every other administrator at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School should be terminated and their educational certificates withdrawn for life since they had clear knowledge about the mental illness that existed in Nikolas Cruz and failed to take a reasonable and sane course of action to protect Cruz and all members of the public school.

Finally I hope that the honest taxpaying public has the sane and sensible desire to demand school CHOICE so parents can select the school in their region that their son or daughter will attend.  School CHOICE allows taxpayer money designated for public schools to be directed to alternative schools if the parents desire that choice. This is the reason that school CHOICE is so difficult.  The public schools in Broward County, and throughout the U.S., are characterized by fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and a psychotic level of incompetence. Decades ago, most of the money for school personnel was paid to teachers and some other school workers.  Today, the public schools have MORE payroll money being paid to absolutely worthless school bureaucrats than to the overworked teachers.  This is a scam on the American Public and school reform is the only sane and sensible answer.

R. Van Conoley  ( The U.S. has numerous laws to regulate guns and firearms.  We do not need more, but we need to enforce the laws on the books. Also, I believe that every school should have two adult employees that have a concealed carry gun permit.  I believe that they should carry a concealed weapon every day school is in session.  That and that alone is the answer to preventing most of the gun related violence at schools in the future. )

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School Shootings – The Best And Final Answer

I was not in the least surprised when I learned of the Florida School Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.  I was deeply saddened that 17 individuals were murdered in this shooting. Then I began to wonder why I had not heard about more school violence since I had predicted that there would be more school violence since the tragic school shooting in West Paducah, Kentucky in 1997. ( Readers are strongly encouraged to read articles referenced at the end of this article that are on this website. )

After a short research of the Web, I found that the shootings in Broward County were the 18th. school shooting of the year of 2018- a year that not more than two months old ! That comes to 3 school shootings each week.

The following is how I as a law abiding citizen assess blame for this terrible incident.

I assign 50% of the blame to Nikolas Cruz, the shooter.  Cruz is responsible for his actions, but any and all members of his closely related family are also to blame for not helping their relative obtain mental health counselling that he desperately needed.

I assign the other 50% of the blame to a corrupt, incompetent, and totally mindless educational bureaucracy.  If the incompetent educational bureaucracy had a scintilla of common sense, the worthless individuals known as guidance counsellors would have easily seen Cruz’s severe mental illness and complied with their job descriptions and directed his family to a mental health facility.

The answer to almost all  of the school violence is SCHOOL CHOICE. Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Secretary of Education and she is 100% in support of school choice.  Also, President Trump is 100% in support of school choice.  School Choice simply allows parents to decide which school in their area their son or daughter will attend.

Under school choice, parents may opt to keep their child in a public school system which is characterized by: 1) fraud, 2) waste, 3) abuse, 4) mismanagement, 5) Nepotism, 6) racism, and 7) a generalized level of incompetency that borders on a psychotic level of management.  Or parents may opt to send their child to a privately managed school that is independent of the public school system.

At the end of this article please look for recommended articles from this website. The title of the article is listed. It is followed by a publication date.  The date is followed by a keyword that if typed into the search box at the top of the home page will take you directly to the article listed. Just click go after typing in the keyword.

R. Van Conoley

Editor’s Note: ( The following articles are recommended for their relationship to this article. )  1) Ohio School Shootings of February, 2012. Published on 2/29/2012. Key word is: T.J. Lane/suspected shooter.   2) ” Part 1 – Murder in America.” 1/14/2011. Keyword= Michael Carneal. 3) ” No Justice In the Juvenile System.” 10/7/2013. 4) ” Public School Administrators and School Boards.” 10/18/2010 –Please note that this article is known as a satire.  Individuals unfamiliar with Jonathan Swift may skip this excellent article. 5) ” A Slap On The Wrist.” 4/24/2013. Keyword= Diana Wasserman-Rubin.  6) ” Volusia Challenges Broward County.” 10/28/2012. Keyword= Public incompetence.  7) ” Sarasota School District…” 9/3/2013. 8) Columbine, Juvenile Crime…” 4/20/2011. Keyword=Dylan Klebold.

Editor’s Note 2: The lower income citizens, especially Black Americans,strongly favor school choice because they see that the public school system is failing.  President Trump has helped all Americans by reducing unemployment, especially Black Americans. Yet the media has avoided reporting President Trump’s popularity increases with Black Americans.  Will Trump gain more support from Black Americans if he helps institute school choice?

Editor’s Note 3- Since I strongly favor and believe in separation of religion from all forms of government, I used to oppose school choice for religiously based schools.  I have changed my mind after observing the increasing incompetency of public education. Today I support religious based schools as an acceptable choice for parents.




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