Both Wisdom and Pain Increase With Age

In the ten years that I have been publishing articles on this website, I have avoided focusing on me. I publish articles with the main intent of providing information in a readable form that may interest people.  I am not on any social media platform nor do I wish to be.  Also, I do not read articles on social media nor do I believe that there is much value in attempting to express a complex opinion in just two sentences.

In this article, I shall readily admit that it is written to provide factual information, but is deeply motivated by elements in my life.

When people ask my age, I tell them I am 39.  Of course nobody believes this, but I seem to have some difficulty in accepting that I am beyond a certain age.  So I will now admit that I am past 65 and yes people could label me a Senior Citizen.  Also, I have studied nutrition for over fifty years and I have approached this endeavor very carefully and have read and researched many articles and books.

Like about 100 million other Americans, when I was in 16 years old I took antihistamines for nasal allergy.  Since I believe in avoiding prescription substances as much as possible, I read the book written by the great scientist, Linus Pauling, titled: ” Vitamin C and the Common Cold.” This led to my interest in human nutrition and other nutrients.  So for over fifty years I have been taking Vitamin C and other nutrients to maintain good health. It is important to note that I read many scientific journal articles and read and studied a number of books written by M.D.- Ph.D’s. EXCITOTOXINS by Russell L. Blaylock, MD; THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION by Michael Holick, Ph.D-MD; and THE HOMOCYSTEINE SOLUTION by Kilmer McCully, M.D.-Ph.D; are just a few.

Unfortunately for me, with the passage of time (Aging), I have acquired Arthritis.  In my family tree, you can NOT find individuals with diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, but many of my relatives had acquired arthritis by the age of fifty.  My mother and her youngest brother suffered terribly from arthritis.  I share many of their genes and I suffer from arthritis and the associated pain.

Without a need to discuss in great depth many of the articles and scientific studies that I researched, I can summarize one great biological truth. In humans, and other biological organisms, evolution or God has designed the organism to survive infancy and live long enough to reproduce the species. Once the reproductive years have passed, the aging process accelerates by reducing in quantity some compounds that keep humans strong and healthy. Most of these compounds are classified as hormones.  The average person is familiar with testosterone, the estrogens, and the thyroid hormone.  It is easy to test for these hormones and doctors can easily determine if a patient’s level is in the normal range.

Hormones produced by the pituitary gland are not as well known. All of the pituitary hormones are proteins.  Most are small protein hormones, meaning that they have a small number of amino acids in their molecule.  Human Growth Hormone ( abbreviated HGH) is a fairly large molecule containing 191 amino acids.  A “new” field of medicine came into existence several decades ago and it is called anti-aging medicine.  The anti-aging advocates focused on HGH.

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) decides what products can be manufactured and sold by prescription.  Sometimes the FDA bans a perfectly safe product and increasingly the FDA approves products that have extremely toxic side effects and possibly should not be available.

One example of the FDA banning a perfectly safe product occurred in 1989 when the FDA banned the safe and essential amino acid L-Tryptophan. It happened that one company sold L-Tryptophan that was not pure or exact in the molecular structure. This “false” L-Tryptophan caused harm in people who took it.  Instead of banning this company from selling its’ product, the FDA banned all sales of L-Tryptophan made by all companies.  The FDA left this senseless ban in effect until 2005. The examples of the FDA approving products that were too toxic for sale are too numerous for listing.

Now focus on HGH.  This hormone is legally approved for sale by the FDA for the treatment of Dwarfism in children.  This is a very wise and sensible course of action.  Unfortunately, HGH not only worked for children with Dwarfism, but it worked for all individuals at any age by increasing muscle mass and by decreasing excess body fat.  Unfortunately, some parents who wanted an average sized son to increase his chances of playing pro football or some other sports activity paid MD’s to inject HGH into normal and healthy children.  The FDA wisely banned this and it was, in my view, the correct and ethical thing to do.

Today HGH is approved for the treatment of Dwarfism in children and is also approved for medical conditions in adults over 60 years of age who test low for HGH in a blood test.  I would like to legally use HGH because I believe that it would help my arthritis. However, it is almost impossible to obtain because it is banned for use in normal children solely to increase athletic ability.  Each night when I can not sleep because of the arthritic pain, I think of the unfairness of how the FDA operates against older citizens who could benefit from sensible anti-aging treatments.

President Trump recently signed into law a bill that would allow individuals who have terminal diseases to receive medications not yet FDA approved if they wish to do so. I wish that President Trump would consider doing a similar action with HGH even though HGH can help with non terminal syndromes and reduce suffering.

Now that I have admitted that I am over 39, I may join an organization that promotes better health for citizens over 60.  Senior Citizens vote in large numbers in every election.  This is sometimes called ” Gray Power.” I am for gray power and support the sensible use of reasonably safe pharmaceutical products that can reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for Senior Citizens.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Kilmer McCully, MD, mentioned in the above article was one of the greatest medical researchers in the U.S. in the 20th. Century, in my view. He defined the complex biochemical pathways of the enzyme Methyltetrahydrofolate homocysteine methyl transferase. He did great work on how the amino acid Methionine reacts in humans. He made the mistake of telling the truth about some of the dangers of some of the anti-cholesterol medications. Big Pharmaceutical companies helped destroy Dr. McCully by having his research funding stopped.  THE HOMOCYSTEINE REVOLUTION remains one of the greatest books written in the 20th. Century about new understandings relating to heart and artery diseases.  )

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The Garden of Evil – Part 2

This website recently published an article titled : ” The Garden of Evil – The Catholic Church. ”  This recent article, from a few days ago, covers the disgusting spectacle that Pope Francis initiated in  February, 2019.

Pope Francis addressed a  summit relating to the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests.  This website concluded that Pope Francis’ remarks were: ” complete garbage which is far too little and much too late.” The state Attorney General of Michigan executed warrants in each of the seven dioceses in Michigan at the same time the Vatican was putting on a “show” of concern. While Attorney General, Dana Nessel, is to be greatly commended for her courageous actions, Americans must continue to wonder why the federal government of the U.S. did not act forcefully in decades past when this criminal activity was known, but largely went unpunished.

It gets even worse. It just goes to prove that the Catholic Church is a worldwide criminal organization for child sexual abuse.  Cardinal George Pell is the Pope’s top financial advisor.  Pell, who is now 77 years old, is the most senior cleric ever charged with child sexual abuse.  Pell was the highest ranking Catholic in Melbourne, Australia. One of Pell’s victims told the court that Pell orally raped him at the time of the incident. The other known abused individual died of a heroin overdose in 2014.  AUSTRALIAN COURTS HAD FORBIDDEN THE PUBLICATION OF ANY TRIAL DETAILS.  Pell’s sentencing hearing began on Wednesday February 27, 2019.

Besides the sick and seemingly unrepentant Pell, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was the first American cardinal to be removed from the priesthood.  McCarrick is 88 years old and has sexually abused children under the protection of the Catholic Church for decades.  While McCarrick is no longer a priest or Cardinal, it seems strange that he was not arrested and tried for his crimes decades ago ! continues to ask why U.S. authorities did not act more quickly and with more force to protect American children from pedophile priests.  As a law abiding American Citizen, I do not want a Catholic Church in my city, in my county, in my state or anywhere in the United States.  The Catholic Church has not learned that the U.S. Constitution, which protects religious freedom, does not give any church the right to sexually abuse children.  The Catholic Church in the United States has abdicated its’ right to be called a church since high ranking members of the Catholic Church covered up known sexual abuse of children for decades.

Readers who are interested in reading about child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church should go to the homepage of this website and type, Vatican, into the search box and then click go.  The articles will appear for you.

I know of no criminal organization or of any criminal enterprise more vile, reprehensible, or horrendous that the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church must be expelled totally from the United States under the RICO statutes and civilized and law abiding Americans must ask themselves why it took so long to punish the criminal enterprise known as the Catholic Church.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: The Catholic Church acted quickly after World War II to help known Nazis, who were Catholic, evade allied justice.  This article is titled: ” The Vatican and Their Nazi Friends.” )

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India And Pakistan Close To War

Pakistan’s air force shot down two Indian warplanes on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, in retaliation for an Indian airstrike on Tuesday,  February 26, 2019.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear armed countries and have nuclear weapons that may be deployed.

The Doomsday Atomic Clock may be reset to one microsecond until midnight.

U.S. Stocks may plunge due to fears of war.

China is closer to Pakistan than India and may play a role in attempting to help these two countries avert war.

Pakistani citizens in Hyderabad, Pakistan encourage war with India.

R. Van Conoley

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Laughter – Part 33

The Russians have a very unusual sense of humor.  I find it similar to the Irish sense of humor. Readers under 50, should note that in 1970 Richard Nixon was President of the U.S. The conversation takes place in 1970 when Richard Nixon was President of the U.S. and Leonid Brezhnev was leader of the Soviet Union.

” The KGB tells me you have a new supercomputer that can predict events in the year 2025, ” Brezhnev says.

” Yes,” Nixon replies. ” We do have such a computer. ”

” Well, Mr. President, could you tell me what the names of our Politburo members will be then ? ”

There is a long silence on Nixon’s end of the line.

” Ha Ha ! ” Brezhnev exclaims to Nixon. ” Your computer is not so sophisticated after all. ”

” No, Mr. General Secretary, ” Nixon replies, ” it answers your questions, but I can not read it. ”

” Why not? Brezhnev demands.

” Because it is in Chinese. ”

R. Van Conoley

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The Garden Of Evil – The Catholic Church

Many times I start my computer and begin a search about pedophile priests in the world and especially those in the U.S.   I am often misdirected to alternate websites.  Today I decided to read one of the “fake news” sites.  It surely seems like there is fake, false, and misleading information everywhere.  As I read the “misdirected” website, the thesis of the website was that there is anti-Catholic bias in the U.S. and isn’t this a terrible thing.

On this website there are many factual articles written about child sexual abuse by Catholic priests and ample evidence that the top authorities in the Catholic Church covered up this vile and reprehensible pedophilia. If any readers wish to read any of the published articles, simply type, Vatican, into the search box on the home page and click go. An article titled: ” The Vatican and Their Nazi Friends” remains one of the most widely read articles published on this website.

In February, 2019, Pope Francis addressed a summit relating to the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic Priests.  The Pope laid out a 21 point plan to combat this terrible crisis in the Catholic Church throughout the world.  The Vatican’s top sex crimes investigator, Archbishop Charles Scicluna, called the Pope’s ” reflection points” a road map for discussion. calls the Pope’s comments:  ” complete garbage which is far too little and much too late.”

At the summit, Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez denounced how bishops tend to believe priests over people reporting sex crimes.  Salazar amazingly criticized the confidentiality agreements attached to most Catholic Church agreements with victims as an attempt to “buy their silence.”

At the same time the Pope and his surrogates were putting on their “show,” more than 70 police officers and special agents and government officials executed search warrants on EACH OF THE SEVEN CATHOLIC DIOCESES IN MICHIGAN SIMULTANEOUSLY !  Attorney General Dana Nessel is the first state Attorney General to execute a warrant in this manner.  Other state AG’s asked the dioceses to turn over documents to law enforcement and the AG.

I am not an expert in religion.  However, I am an American and I know basic right from wrong.  As an American, I am appalled that the U.S. has allowed child sexual abuse by Catholic Priests for so long. I have called for the criminal prosecution of the Catholic Church in the U.S. as an ongoing criminal enterprise using the criminal RICO statutes.  Freedom of religion does not allow for the sexual abuse of children by any church at any time.  Possibly God may forgive the Catholic Church, but I know that I never will.

For my reader’s information, I was brought up as a Christian in the Methodist Church and never harbored any religious bias in the first 50 years of my life against any religion or church. I even attended a Catholic University while in my 20’s and 30’s and earned two graduate degrees.  Had I known about the vile and reprehensible actions of far too many Catholic priests, I never would have associated in any way with any Catholic University.

Today, it is totally beyond my comprehension how any decent man or woman can remain a member of the Catholic Church.  One of the most basic teachings of Jesus Christ was that the children were to be protected.

Finally, a former exorcist at the Vatican stated: ” … The Devil is at work in the Vatican.”

R. Van Conoley


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Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping

It is extremely difficult for an Occidental to communicate in depth with an Oriental.

Chinese ( Mandarin ) is not an easy language for a native American to learn and it is even harder to communicate and understand the subtle implications.  Students of Mandarin must quickly attempt to learn to comprehend ambiguity.  There is no alphabet in Chinese and Chinese words are not formed by letters.  Words are formed by combining smaller words.  For example, the word for size combines the character for large with the character for small.  The Chinese use books ( dictionaries ) to organize thousands of characters which are then filed under “subfamilies.”  If this is not difficult enough, different tones indicate different words.  The effect of a tone may give a word four different meanings.

The “experts” in the U.S. State Department, in my view, have misinformed our U.S. Presidents for more than 50 years by not fully understanding the subtle implications found in Mandarin.  Yet given all of the language problems associated with Chinese and other Asian languages, President Donald Trump has clearly communicated with both President Kim of North Korea and President Xi of China.

I never thought that I would say this, but I respectfully believe that President Trump should reward President Kim in some way in order to keep their magnificent alliance working for both.  Possibly President Trump might consider helping President Kim obtain a loan from the World Bank.  North Korea could really use some well constructed electric generating plants that use oil or coal as their energy source.  Possibly President Kim would even consider using some of the funds from a loan to employ an American engineering firm to begin construction.  Both President Trump and President Kim have gained great “face” in the Asian world.  Sadly few Americans understand the great wisdom that President Trump has employed.

While President Xi of China does not agree with all of the trade requests that President Trump is suggesting, President Xi understands and accepts the need for America to promote our interests.  However, both sides must reach an agreement that is fair and just to each very soon.  It would be unwise to allow an internecine conflict to continue and damage both of our economies.

As an American, I greatly appreciate the wisdom that President Trump has displayed in his foreign relations in Asia.  It is sad that America has few reporters who have the knowledge and the background to report the real results to the American People. The fake news media has done a great disservice to Americans by falsely politicizing and distorting the news to politically damage President Trump.

I would like for President Trump to know that as an American I most respectfully remain your most humble and obedient servant and appreciate the great job that you performed in Asia for me and more importantly my grandchildren.  Continue, Mr. President, to remain courageous and wise.  Sane and sensible Americans stand with you.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: While I think it unlikely for President Donald Trump to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize due to the Noble Committee’s bias in favor of Socialists, it would not surprise me to discover a bronze statue memorial of President Trump and President Kim shaking hands in a park in North Korea dedicated to world peace. )


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William Barr Confirmed As Attorney General And The Rats Abandon The ship

William Barr was sworn in as Attorney General on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  Mr. Barr is a man of integrity and he will restore Constitutional Law in the U.S. and prosecute any and all individuals who have broken the law.

Many of the Democrat crooks in congress along with many of the Republican crooks in congress are deserting a sinking ship like the rats that they are.  The sinking ship is the conspiracy that corrupt members of congress and members of the Obama Administration used to harm the legally elected President, Donald Trump.

It has been obvious to many informed Americans that both the Justice Department and the FBI were weaponized and criminalized to destroy President Trump and our Republic.  Former Assistant FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, is already tuning up to sing a loud and clear song about the criminal activities of members of the federal government in order to reduce his time in prison.

McCabe is ready to “take down” Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton to name just a few.  Attorney General Barr will get to the bottom of all major crimes against our Republic.  As a law abiding American, I completely trust William Barr and the innocent have nothing to fear.  The guilty have a great deal to fear.

R. Van Conoley

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Howard Schultz Town Hall Meeting on 2/12/2019

On 2/12/2019, I watched and listened very closely as potential third party candidate Howard Schultz answered questions before a live TV audience.  Mr. Schultz answered almost every question exactly as I thought that he would.

This is my second article on this website about Howard Schultz.  The first article was titled: ” Howard Schultz, The Kingfish, and Ross Perot.”  I believe that interested readers will find some interesting facts in the first article about third party presidential candidates.  Type the name, Howard Schultz, into the search box on the homepage and then click go and the article will appear.

I have voted in every presidential election in my life since I became old enough to vote.  The two major parties are the Democrat party and the Republican party.  I only voted for a major party presidential candidate twice in my life.  Once was in 1972 and the second time was 2016.  In 1976, 1980, 1984, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, and again in 2012, I voted for third party candidates.  ( Editor’s note: Going back to the founding of our Republic some third parties became major parties and some major parties disappeared from the scene. This is briefly covered in the first Howard Schultz article. )

Only in 1992, did I really believe that I could vote for a third party candidate who actually could become President in my lifetime.  Ross Perot was ” LarryKinged ”  and became a favorite with Democrat and Republican voters.  My wife and I took our short Summer vacation in Texas so we could attend the Ross Perot Reform rally.

It was looking great for Ross Perot, and both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were worried. While everything was going Perot’s way in July, 1992, Perot dropped out of the race !  Perot returned as a candidate in October, 1992, but he could never regain his previous level of support.

The Ross Perot situation is important because I understood Mr. Schultz to state that if he became a candidate, he would remain a candidate through the election. Also, Mr. Schultz stated absolutely that under no circumstances would he ever consider running as a Democrat and stated that he was dissatisfied with the Democrat Party.  Schultz also stated that he was dissatisfied with the Republican Party.

Schultz only needs to do things for me to accept him as a serious candidate. 1) Stay the course- Mr. Schultz has already stated that he would remain with his third party if he decided to enter the 2020 election. 2) If Mr. Schultz reaches an understanding, which Ross Perot never did, that the election is not just about him, I would consider Mr. Schultz a serious candidate capable of being elected President in 2020.  In order to accomplish my second criteria, Mr. Schultz will have to have his name on the ballot of all fifty states and have a candidate from his party on the ballot in the 34 states that have elections to the U.S. Senate in 2020.  Ross Perot had his name on the ballot in all fifty states. However, Perot did not have one person from his Reform Party running for a single U.S. Senate seat that was up for election.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: This article is not intended to support any candidate from any party in the 2020 election. This article is intended to provide factual and valuable information for all Americans who desire to cast an informed vote in the 2020 election for President of the U.S.)

( Editor’s Note 2 : The U.S. Senate has 100 members and one-third are up for election every two years for a term of six years in length.  In 2020, there are presently 34 Senate seats up for election.  If an untimely death or health disability should occur there could be more than 34 Seats up for Senatorial election. )


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A Wise Saying – Part 173

My friend is one who takes me for what I am.

Henry David Thoreau

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A Wise Saying – Part 172

Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.


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