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DNA and RNA and Me and You

I recently watched a late night TV show that was mainly concerned with DNA testing. Today individuals can obtain test kits and learn something about their ancestry or more exactly the region(s) of the world where their ancestors came from. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus ( C-19) : EVERYTHING You Need To Know But Did Not Know Who To Ask

This article was inspired by two very different people.  John Milton, a great poet, stated: ” Doth God exact day labor …? ” Milton was asking if God still expected him to produce poetry after he was blind.  Milton decided … Continue reading

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Muscular Dystrophy and Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Dinakar Singh

   Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a term that defines a group of muscle diseases that weaken the muscular system and limit movement.  The muscular dystrophies are characterized by progressive muscle weakness, defects or absence of muscle proteins, and the death of … Continue reading

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