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A Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump: You and I are the same age.  Like you, I never smoked, abused alcohol, nor ever used illegal drugs. Unlike you, I have studied nutrition and biochemistry for more than 50 years.  I suffer from arthritis and … Continue reading

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Both Wisdom and Pain Increase With Age

In the ten years that I have been publishing articles on this website, I have avoided focusing on me. I publish articles with the main intent of providing information in a readable form that may interest people.  I am not … Continue reading

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The Poisoning Of America and Our Children

Doctors are finding elevated levels of lead in the children and other residents of Flint, Michigan.  The local tap water is the cause.  When the city of Flint was unable to negotiate a financial agreement with Detroit, the city decided … Continue reading

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Aging, Marijuana, and Human Growth Hormone

   During my life, I have never consumed alcohol, smoked, or used illegal drugs.  Also, I have seriously studied the biochemistry of vitamins, proteins, fats, and many other nutritional compounds.  My studies in biochemistry have continued over a forty year … Continue reading

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